A Muslim in the White House: Oh!My!

A Muslim in the White House: Oh!My! February 22, 2012


Let’s just say that FOXNews  is right: What if President Obama isn’t really the Christian he professes to be. How would that be headline news? Seriously. I mean how many Christians have you known personally over the years who turned out not to be the Christian they professed to be?

Media, both conservative and liberal, continue to stir the waters over this issue. Appearing on the Morning Joe show on Tuesday, the Rev. Franklin Graham was harangued by a panel of so-called journalists seeking to inflame the political fires.

Do you believe President Obama is a Christian? the panel asked 40-different ways till Sunday.

“I think you have to ask President Obama,” Graham said.

Which, as it turns out, isn’t the answer Graham gave about Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich. Graham was certain that both Santorum and Newt have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (despite all those divorces of Newt’s). Romney is a Mormon, and thus not, in Graham’s definition, a Christian, but he would still be a good president (implying, of course, a much better than President Obama, that son of Islam).

Was that clear as mud for you?

Yeah. Sadly, that’s the kind of reporting we get these days. Thank you, Cable News
stations. FOXNews basically brow-beat Graham into making all those distinctions, just so MSNBC could then write that cursory headline: Rev. Graham: Obama Son of Islam. A headline that fails to tell the story but certainly goes a long ways toward inciting the masses on both sides of the political spectrum.

Oh. Brother.

It makes a girl like me cry out: “Forgive them, Dear Father, for they know not what utter asses they all are.”

What if the president, any president, were to be a Muslim?

Big flip-flop deal.

So what?

How does that affect you or me personally, other than, perhaps he or she might be able to call on a few Muslim brothers to get these gas prices back under control, which is more than those evangelical oil barons in Texas are doing.

If I live to be a hundred I will never understand the love affair between certain Bible-belt evangelicals and oil. They manage to see an impending rapture in every drum of crude.

Ahhh. Lawdy.

Back to this matter of Obama’s faith. This whole undercurrent of questioning the President’s faith is gussied-up hate talk. It’s nothing more than fear-mongering at its most not-so-subtle.

Let’s be clear about what is really being said: Having a Muslim in office would destroy this country (As if having all those who claim to be evangelicals haven’t done a dandy enough job of it themselves).

Somebody help a girl out here — exactly why should we the American people fear having a Muslim for president?

If Muslims are anything like Christians, and I suspect they are, there are Muslims who treat others thoughtfully and respectfully, and then there are Muslims who whine until they get their own way. (Hellsbells, we got a entire Congress confessing to be Christians who do that now).

How does that change anything?

I’m really trying to wrap my brain around this line of reasoning. Evangelicals can work alongside Muslims every day in some other country but not in this one? We can enjoy the fruits of the Muslim’s innovation in places like Dubai but, God have mercy on us, not in D.C.

I know the fear is that a Muslim president would change public policy. Such a president might reinstate prayer in the schools. (Oh. Wait. Didn’ t the GOP already try that?) A Muslim president might regulate the Internet. (Oh. Wait. Wasn’t that what SOPA was all about?) A Muslim president might restrict our First Amendment Rights. (Oh. Wait. Didn’t the Patriot Act already do that?)

Snap. I can’t seem to get on board with this whole Muslim-bashing bit.

Having a Muslim in office, even this nation’s highest office, doesn’t worry me at all.

What really scares me are the number of people who tune into the Morning Joe team and mistake that sort of shoddy, sensationalized journalism as the Gospel Truth.


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  • Rjordan

    Karen, this is spot on! Thank you.

  • Fiddlepeg

    I agree. “Oh. Brother.”

  • Adenison1

    Terrific commentary Karen! Obama isn’t a “Great Christian” president. But then..I can’t say any of them have hit Saintly goals in over 200 years. He is no Muslim either. No Muslim would spend 20+ years attending a “christian” church as Obama did as a congregant of the so called “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. He has a deep respect for his own fathers faith…what son would not? No fault there. Quite likely a benefit. I cringe at the thought but you present a good argument about a Muslim President. As with the Muslim faith each has it’s own Theocratic extremists. Our ‘Aryan Nation/KKK Christians’
    are but one example. Most believers of any faith are peaceful worshipers. The others are called extremists for a reason.
    Kudos M’Lady

  • Karen, not every person who prefers to have a Christian in the White House is doing so out of fear. Your post implies, but does not explicitly state, that fear is the reason behind all or most of the objections to a Muslim president. To me, it’s a preference. I prefer to have a president who agrees with me as much as possible. And by the way, every other voter in the nation has the same preference.

    • I do believe the reason a certain segment of the Evangelical community is so adamant that Obama is a Muslim is fear-based. If you are not among that community, then God bless you and pass the mustard please.

      • No argument about it being true for a certain percentage. The way I read your post, your idea of what that percentage is is much larger than mine.
        And for the record, part of my disagreement is rooted in my general distaste for the modern trend of people (bloggers, commenters, preachers) painting those with whom they disagree with the broad brush of “they believe this way because they are afraid”. But I guess that’s another discussion.

        • How about the way in which readers of blogs make broad assumptions by taking the argument out of context? This was clearly directed at those devotees of FoxNews who buy into this brand of journalism. I end up feeling sorry for Rev. Graham, President Obama & people of faith who are being misrepresented by what amounts to hate talk and fearmongering.

  • Martin

    “Somebody help a girl out here — exactly why should we the American people fear having a Muslim for president?”

    Well for one, your right to write this kind of drivel would be seriously infringed upon. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t even effing drive without a man present. Why don’t you ask the women who get stoned for being raped in Islamic ruled countries why you should fear a Muslim president. Silly people…

    • Anonymous

      I hope you checked your parachute before you took that leap of logic….

    • Martin: How does having a Muslim in the White House, should we ever have one, equate to the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia? Heck if a president really has that much power, how come none of the presidents, either GOP or Democratic, ever get anything done?

  • Anonymous

    I daresay plenty of conservative Christians would resonate *more* with Muslims on issues of homosexuality and women’s rights than would the average person.

    • It would appear that Muslims & Christians would have much more in common than say most of the hook-ups on Match.com