You can’t change anything

You can’t change anything June 8, 2012

He sat silent throughout the presentation and the dozens of hard questions that followed. Then leaning over his knees and rubbing his hands together, he said, All you people listen up.

You can’t change anything.

This book

it don’t matter.

People have been this way thousands of years

and will be this way thousands of years to come.

The best you can do is mind your own affairs.

You can’t change people.

You could lock them up

You could kill them

But you can’t change ’em.

This is what despair looks like

This inability to see the power of the Christ that lives within.

Christ transforms.

Christ empowers.

The Blood gives way to new birth.

What was it Ann said?

What the world desperately needs is more dangerous disciples of an unsafe God.


Dangerous Disciple

But sometimes I am one thought, one prayer, one lie away from despair.

I think of the produce farmer

who set himself on fire

because his government demanded he pay a bribe he could not pay

and he had a family to feed.

He started a revolution that has cost far too many others

their lives too.

Women and children slaughtered

Civil War is imminent, the UN says.

Mohamed Bouazizi

a produce farmer

grew weary of the wrong-doing

and the silence

So he sat himself

and an entire region of the world


Arab Spring, they named it.

People dying in the streets

Slaughtered by their own government.

The ones charged with protecting them.

Like children who suffer at the hands of mothers

and their boyfriends.

And so I wake in the darkness,

choking on despair.

Heart racing, stomach knotted


because I know that I serve an unsafe God

and I cannot be silent.

I am a woman on fire.

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  • BillintheBlank

    Thanks, Karen. It seems I’m getting reminded of this everywhere today. My friend Tracy posted on this topic of the lies we tell ourselves
    as did I.

    Be encouraged today to know that youa re not alone in this drive to be a dangerous disciple. And that I just offered an assist via prayer.

  • Love this, Karen!

  • Sharon O

    wow. You do give the children a voice and I appreciate you for that courage.

  • God never called us to change anything. He called us to obey and trust. And then He said He’s making all things new. ALL THINGS NEW.

    Sounds like change to me.

    Thanks for your obedience, my friend.

    Love, Jeanne