The Kid: Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

The Kid: Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama August 7, 2012


I haven’t had much to say about this upcoming election. The shortlist leaves much to be desired. This election is proof positive of the problems inherent in the two-party system run financially amuck. My only advice to you isn’t about the candidates, both of whom I’m pretty sure would lose in a round of recess arm-wrestling. My advice is this — Vote. Good men and women earned you that right. Don’t waste it on apathy or despair.

But about this video, this is just one more way in which parents abuse children for their own selfish purposes.

Exploitation of children is plain wrong, whether it  is for political, social, or financial gain.

The parents of this boy ought to be ashamed of themselves but sadly, I’m sure they don’t have enough common decency to be.

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  • I have two problems with this:
    1. Assuming the parents who made this are professing Christians, they in violation of Scripture. The bible tells us, in multiple places in both testaments, that we are to respect and pray for those in authority, and Obama is a sitting president. And this clip is not respectful at all.
    2. I’d much rather hear why we should vote for Romney or for Obama than why shouldn’t vote for Romney or Obama. All this negative campaigning is detrimental to our nation’s soul.

  • AFRoger

    Interesting… “Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not part of America.” Hmmm… Then I guess about 99.8% of America is not really part of America either. Europe’s gonna get mighty crowded when all of us white folks go back where we came from. But at least health care is affordable.

    Makes me think of a seminary professor’s astute observation: Sin doesn’t come to the world looking like sin. It comes looking like righteousness. As Apostle Paul said, “Therefore let any one who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” -1 Cor. 10:12

    • Jane

      I think he said not “proud” of America, vs. not part. Although your point is still valid, as is Karen’s.

      • AFRoger

        Thanks, Jane. I had sound turned low, so you may be correct. I regret the error. The proud business is dangerous. People like Karen’s friend Capt. David Moses can be proud in having survived and made it here, in the loyal service and leadership he has given to fellow Americans. He won’t take any of that for granted. For the vast majority of us, pride can be a dangerous commodity that deceives us into arrogance and inactivity. T11publius sums it up qute well above. Under the Nazis, educated 2oth century Germans, my own dear flesh and blood, were quite “proud”. And what a hell on earth that begat! The things left undone here, the growing list of things that are so far from what they should be, call for humble silence and energetic action, not pride.

  • T11publius

    The sad thing about this video is that it actually is about the level of political discourse that does exist in the United States based upon what I see posted on facebook and most sound bites on TV. Such a superficial and juvenile level of discourse is the true abomination to our country which is a fault equally shared by all Americans and has no specific causal connect to a particular Obama (had to get that pun in, sorry). The genius of America as summed up by Alexander Hamilton was that it was the firsts known effort in human history to organize a communal system based upon rational and scientific pre-thinking rather than by accident or force. We have within the past century, at least, abandoned rational and scientific thought and deliberation for juvenile and irrational name calling, pictorial and superficial flair, and mindless sloganeering. Is it any wonder, then, that such immaturity in thinking has produced irresponsible borrowing, ill-advised foreign intervention, and unethical and criminal business dealings? Sounds just like what a six year old kid would do; I guess we better elect him! Oops, Constitution requires the kid as to be 35 or older. Well, there is plenty of those in America!