The Kid: Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

The Kid: Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama August 7, 2012


I haven’t had much to say about this upcoming election. The shortlist leaves much to be desired. This election is proof positive of the problems inherent in the two-party system run financially amuck. My only advice to you isn’t about the candidates, both of whom I’m pretty sure would lose in a round of recess arm-wrestling. My advice is this — Vote. Good men and women earned you that right. Don’t waste it on apathy or despair.

But about this video, this is just one more way in which parents abuse children for their own selfish purposes.

Exploitation of children is plain wrong, whether it  is for political, social, or financial gain.

The parents of this boy ought to be ashamed of themselves but sadly, I’m sure they don’t have enough common decency to be.

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