RomneyHood & Obamaloney

RomneyHood & Obamaloney August 8, 2012

So Obama coins the term Romney-Hood and Romney retaliates with Obamaloney.

Geeish. And these men want to run our country?

They both are raising and spending campaign funds as if Jesus will show up by suppertime. Romney’s campaign reported a July haul of more than $101 million, compared to the $75 million that Obama’s campaign raised.

That’s just for one month of fundraising.

If this presidency gig doesn’t work out, I bet they both could likely find a job with David Cerullo’s Inspiration Network.  Presidential candidates and prosperity preachers alike excel at bilking the masses while shelling out pithy-promises.

And as if any of us needed more proof that the dumbing down of the leaders of this country has reached epic proportions, there’s Rep. Steve King of Iowa clarifying what little he knows about animal rights, sexual predators, and the laws of the land he’s taken an oath to uphold.

Somebody pass me the aspirin and Alka-Seltzer, please.

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