Friday changed everything

Friday changed everything December 19, 2012


This gun issue is President Obama’s Lincoln moment.

We are a nation divided …

How Obama responds as a leader of this nation to Friday’s massacre will be written about in the history books for generations to come.

Will he rise above the fray of politics and turn the tide of violence that is costing our children their very lives?

The welfare of our children ought to be the thing that draws us together as a nation.

It should move us beyond our entrenched beliefs

The way it did for Joe Scarborough.

I’d tell it to you but he says it so much better than I can:


Friday changed everything, Joe says.

I pray to God he is right about that.

And you? How has any of this changed or challenged your long-entrenched beliefs?


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  • Jo Hilder

    Karen, I heard today on the radio, an NRA representative stating Americans needed to keep their guns for protection – protection against a government which no longer has the interests of the NRA as a priority. What does it look like when the citizens of a country decide they need to “protect themselves” against a government which decides on gun controls? And I mean, literally, what the heck does that look like?

    I’m assuming it means more shooting with guns at more people.

    My husband commented today “the US is headed for another civil war over this.” We’re not Americans, but we’re afraid of what this means for your nation, because we love a whole lot of people who are Americans.

    Troubling times. For all of us.

    • Jo: If the question you are asking is what does it look like to live in a country where only the military/police have guns, then look to Syria. That’s the extreme. That’s the rationale used by decent Americans who spout the 2nd Amendment as their right to bear arms, which indeed was put into place because free men wanted to remain free and worried that England would have a different agenda. Of course when the 2nd Amendment was enacted guns were much more primitive than they are today and the notion of an assault rifle hadn’t been conceived of, much less put in the hands of citizenry. We are talking gunpowder and muskets were all the rage when the 2nd Amendment was enacted. But yes, there is reason to not give all the guns to men with power because it only serves to make them bloodthirsty. We may indeed be headed to another civil war over this. We are most definitely a nation divided. And this is most certainly Obama’s Lincoln moments.

      • stringchopper

        Yes, guns were much more primitive in the late 1700’s, but then again, the enemies’ guns were also much more primitive.

  • TheRealZippy

    Karen, while in my heart I hope something will be done, and there will be some form of gun control. I seriously doubt the “entertainment industry” or media will allow anyone to dictate what they can produce. They will cite their First Amendment right, which supercedes anything…at least in their minds. And no one will willing give up numbers like these without a fight: The Hunger Games $408,010,692; Modern Warfare 3 (video game) Passes $1 Billion in Sales in 16 Days, (NYTimes Dec, 12, 2011). I would like to see the statistical data on every mass shooter. Did all of them play violent games? Did the watch violent movies? Where the eyes go, the heart follows.
    There weren’t many people criying foul that The Hunger Games was a movie that glamourized children killing other children! (other than you, of course). Moviegoers squashed the critics who pointed out the obvious children killing children with the statement “it’s entertainment…it’s a movie.” Do we really think producers will stop making violent movies and that developers will stop designing video games that make over a billion in sales? No. Because in their minds the industry is producing what the public wants.

    I’m not expert like you are on the First Amendment, but I do know that in the US pornograph material is readily available. I think it is protected under the First Amendment. So while I agree that change must come and we must all do out part to make change happen. In order to enact true change, we must also have a serious discussion about Right Number One. That will open a huge can of worms because I suspect no one will want to touch it. We can hope the “entertainment industry” will stop producing violent games and movies, but can and will the government amend rthe First Amendment in order to amend the Second? Will the government mandate what Americans can and can not watch and play? Only time will tell.

    • Zippy: You make great points. In Adam Lanza’s case, as with the case of Kip Kinkel and the Columbine shooters, etc. violent video games were the fare for their days. So yes, there is truth to what you put in your mind, in your soul, fills you up like a sponge in vinegar. We do need to address issues of the First Amendment and the Supreme Court has been a weak-kneed and weak-spined on both issues of violence and pornography. The thing the Supreme Court and it would seem everyone else forgets, these rights were not granted to us as individuals per se, but as part of a community looking to make a better community, to ennoble men/women toward higher and better good for all.
      But we are a nation divided against itself pursuing selfish ambitions, not what is best for the whole. We have lost our bearings on that.

  • AFRoger

    Changed or challenged long-entrenched beliefs? My only child had a gun stuck in her face when she was 18. By the grace of God the trigger wasn’t pulled, but the person packing should never have been able to get her hands on that handgun. Nothing has changed about my views since then (16 years ago), but my sense of grief deepens daily.
    I experience this grief every time I read about another adult who has sexually abused, beaten, battered and murdered a spouse or a child. I experience it every time I read about another failed, broken human relationship–like nearly all of the adults in the life of the Clackamas Town Center shooter. I experience it every time I see a young parent with an infant in a stroller and note the parent’s face fixed on their iphone instead of the human child right next to them–the very thing that is their highest calling in life. I experience it every time I see what we are afraid of doing because we say we cannot afford it.
    Dr. Dobson is right about one thing. We have turned our backs on God–and we have embraced another pantheon of gods. And the supreme god of that pantheon is money. Zippy was kind enough to provide us with some of the offering totals below. Amen.

    • Money is indeed the issue for the NRA, and at the heart of the gun debate.

  • stringchopper

    As a Christian, I don’t view this world as my own, and I don’t own a gun. However, history shows us that gun-control is usually followed by the slaughter of political dissidents, Jews and Christians. In the 20th Century, 56,000,000 men, women, children and babies were slaughtered by tyrannical governments, after gun-control had been enacted. These 56,000,000 people had no way to protect their lives, their property or their loved-ones. This is the story of history, not just the 20th Century, and the founding fathers knew history well. The right to bear arms was given to the citizens – *not* so that they could use those weapons for hunting or self-protection (though these are indirect benefits) – but for the purpose of defending themselves against the United States government, should it ever become tyrannical, or from foreign enemies, should they invade our land.

    The school shooting is an absolute tragedy, no mistake about it. There are many things to consider, no doubt about that either. But to promote gun-control shows a certain ignorance of the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment, as well as an ignorance of history.

    Switzerland, a country without an army, freely disperses assault weapons to every citizen. And, the citizens are required to be trained to use one. Yet they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    Go figure! All those assault weapons = low crime rate. Who woulda thunk it!

    A few months ago in China, a man walked into a school and killed several children with a meat cleaver. More recently (on the same day as the Connecticut shooting) another man walked into an elementary school and started stabbing students.

    Gun control is happening right now – in Chicago. Violence and gun crimes are up. The good people have no way to protect themselves.

    And what is the most common weapon used in the USA for homicides? A baseball bat.

    Finally, I don’t trust secular (and often passionately anti-Christian) media to pull my heart-strings and tell me what to think.