Hagel: Right Man for the Job

Hagel: Right Man for the Job January 8, 2013
Senator Hagel with Doug & Dee Johnson, fellow Nebraskans. Doug served with my father in Vietnam.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) would undoubtedly complain if Jesus Christ himself was singled out by this administration for a job. Jesus, I’m sure, wouldn’t be mainstream (read conservative) enough for Mr. Graham.

Graham is pitching a hissy-fit over Obama’s  selection of former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Graham took to the airwaves on Sunday ranting that Hagel is an “in-your-face-pick” by Obama. Graham said Hagel would be the “most antagonistic secretary of Defense toward the state of Israel in our nation’s history.”

Graham’s inflammatory accusations are unfounded in fact, but while we are on this subject, this country needs to rethink it’s position on Israel. Our blind allegiance to Israel is based upon bad theology. And considering that most Americans aren’t practicing Christians  to begin with, why should our national policies be rooted in a misplaced application of Scriptures? It’s about time somebody in DC started questioning that.

Graham also pointed to Hagel’s record on Iraq.  “I’ll have a hard time voting for anybody to be Secretary of Defense who believes the surge was a foreign policy blunder,” Graham said. He was referring to Hagel’s sharp criticism of former President George W. Bush’s decision to surge the troops in Iraq.

Shouldn’t the thing Graham be upset over is that we got into war in Iraq the same way we got into war in Vietnam –political lies. Something Hagel, a Vietnam Veteran, is understandably vocal about.

As part of my work with veterans, I have worked with Senator Hagel. He is widely-respected among the veteran and military communities as the man who gets the job done.

Hagel is a Republican who does his own thinking. Naturally, that sometimes puts him at odds with those who are willing to delegate their thinking — and their votes — in return for political favors.

Hagel is the right man for the job.



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  • AFRoger

    Rootin’ for my fellow ‘Husker, I tell ya. I’ve stood next to and across from Senators, Congressman and a general or two. I remember Hagel and his wife sharing a few words at the Women’s Memorial opposite the Wall back on 11/11/97. I found a lot of depth and straightforwardness in Mr. Hagel. I rank Mr. H highly. So I’m rootin’ for him.
    The Middle East, along with much of U.S. foreign policy and intervention over the past three decades, is living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right. Neither do a couple hundred of ’em strung together. What’s the score when it comes to policy toward Iran? I think the wrongs are ahead of the rights by a whole bunch. Cuba policy? At least 30 years out of synch. At the time of the Iraq War, I heard that the road to peace in Palestine/Israel went through Baghdad. Are we there yet? Maybe not. Has the past decade made peace more likely or more remote? Questions…

  • Pat Sabiston

    Bad theology?

  • Darian G. Burns

    Great post Karen. I especially liked the third paragraph. Bad theology indeed.

  • The reference to bad theology seems to be ‘a trifled stretch,’ especially considering one for Secretary of Defense… where he has been unwilling to call Hamas [or those in control of Egypt now] a terrorist group, act as if Israel is an ally or say Israel has the right to maintain its own sovereignty. As to blind allegiance… No but a determined allegiance to a Nation that God calls His own. Here are some of his own words to digest… taken from,”Chuck Hagel, U.S. Senator, London Lecture, February 20th, 2003.” “The war against international terrorism and its sponsors is a war unlike any we have ever known. There is no battlefield, no clash of armies. It is a war fought in the shadows and recesses of the world. Terrorism breeds among the hopeless and the alienated, in societies where democracy and economic opportunity are out of reach for most people. Military power alone will not end this scourge of mankind. Victory will require extensive international cooperation in the intelligence, economic, diplomatic, law enforcement and humanities fields. It will require a seamless network of cooperation between America and her allies.” How does this fit in to his refusal to call “The Muslim Brotherhood” terrorists [or Hamas/elected by democracy] or Israel an ally?

  • Look for the Hagel wrong in the radio archives here… http://aclj.org/

  • The only bad theology is a theology forced on someone (against their will) and Jesus was part of the counter culture (neither liberal or conservative [during His days on earth] dining with sinners that needed Him most. I would also add here, bad theology is claiming to be something you are not… by agreeing with the mainstream, and to say Jesus wasn’t mainstream enough [for any body] is to say Hagel is? This points more to globalists than it does to conservatives… does it not?