Surprising Pick

Surprising Pick January 13, 2013

So while I was busy wrapping up the manuscript for my upcoming novel — MOTHER OF RAIN — the National Father’s Day Council named former president Bill Clinton Father of the Year.


Father of the Year?

The Huffington Post reports: National Father’s Day Committee chairman Dan Orwig commended the politician and philanthropist for his “profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations.”

Shouldn’t they just have named Bill Clinton Giver of the Year?

Or, in his former era, Philanderer of the Year?

How does his charitable work qualify him for Father of the Year? The man is loaded. He can afford to give his money away. Shoot if making a butt-load of money is the qualification for becoming Father of the Year, shouldn’t Bernie Madoff make the cut?

Listen, I like Bill Clinton much better now that he isn’t president than I did when he was. He’s always been a very congenial fellow. I’m sure I’d enjoy hanging out with him much more than I would hanging out with the more cerebral Obama. Clinton is a natural storyteller. He’s probably got as many good stories to tell as Rick Bragg or Sonny Brewer. I like a man who can entertain a crowd.


There is nothing, not one thing, that makes me think Bill Clinton actually earned the title Father of the Year.

He cheated on his daughter’s mama with a woman who wasn’t all that much older than his daughter.

Yes, I think it’s admirable and right of Chelsea to forgive her daddy, and even more so of Hillary to forgive him, given the way he disgraced the entire nation for a little whoo-whoo.


It’s not like Clinton has raised up five kids and scraped by to make a living while serving as coach of an AAU team during his free time.

He made money. Gave some of it away. (But he kept enough back to throw his only child an estimated $3 million wedding.)

He also defamed the Oval Office, humiliated his family, and nearly ruined That Woman in the Blue Dress.

Indeed, it seems, Clinton has made significant changes in his lifestyle. That may be more due to aging than anything else, but it hardly warrants the title of Father of the Year.

Who do you think would be a better candidate?



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  • Darian G. Burns

    Not surprised. Past recipients have been John Edwards and Hulk Hogan. I nominate David Sheehan.

    • I’d agree with the vote for David Sheehan, altho, I am sure he would protest..

  • Brother Frank

    Don’t know if he ever has gotten it, but Billy Graham would be a good role model for Father of the Year. (albeit a little late in his life)

    • Yes. He’d be a much better pick, altho, he often said that the child rearing fell to Ruth because he was on the road too much.

  • Nathan

    Yep, can’t pass up a chance to crab about Clinton decades after the fact. Where’s the grace? Where’s the belief that none are too lost to be saved, to get a new start? That family did what all therapists encourage I those situations, they worked it out. By your standard, anyone with failures can’t be a good parent.

    • No, not crabbing at all. I like Clinton. I think he’s done some great things, politically speaking. And even from a human interest component. But Father of the Year isn’t one of them. I think there are far more worthy candidates for that award but I understand, this is about raising funds, not a true representation of who is deserving of such a title.