Dolly Pardon at Pine Mountain

Dolly Pardon at Pine Mountain September 6, 2013

Dolly Pardon joined us at The French Market in Pine Mountain and urged everyone to pick up a copy of MOTHER OF RAIN and THE STORYCATCHER.

Of course, Dolly wasn’t the only special guest who turned out. The Artist Reba joined us as well.


Leewood drove all the way out to Pine Mountain to pay us a visit.
Glam girls Debbie and Darlene were there.


Laurie spent two days driving in from Nevada but that didn’t deter her from showing up.


DAR sisters drove out from Columbus to lend their support. Those DAR women are readers, I’m here to tell you.


World-travelers Sherri, Rhonda and Larry took time from their busy days to come hug my neck.


Even Ann, who swore she didn’t know a soul, had a line of admiring fans.


Beloved veterans turned out.


The Blue Devil contingent lent their support.


Ross Harper has to be the best-loved merchant in all of Pine Mountain. He even brought out Valerie Harper to meet us.
David Toney was the real star of the show. He was too busy to pay me any attention.Wish we could take him on the road with us, but I don’t think I could ever pry him away from granddaughter Lucy.
Aunt Lynn and Susan joined Rhonda for the party.
Ross’s cheese straws were a hit, too.


The Pine Mountain Tourism Department came by, bought books and cheered us on.
Facebook Friends joined us in a real time event.
We all had such a great time. Thank you, Ross Harper and the community of Pine Mountain for the welcome you gave The Storycatcher and Mother of Rain. Hugs and Wild River Love. Watch for the road show coming to your neighborhood soon!

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