My Disc Jockey Days

My Disc Jockey Days January 31, 2014


Here’s a little known fact: I worked in radio long before I became a writer.


I was a disc jockey. I spun records. Shiny black vinyl. I tore copy from an old UPI wire, read it over the air.

I was working the night a woman in Springfield, Oregon said she was stopped by a black man on a back road. She said he gunned down her children, and shot at her.

She was lying.

She was Diane Downs.

But I read it over the air the way it came in on the wire that night.

When I wasn’t reporting the news, I was giving out the basketball scores, manning the desk during the games that were being broadcast live.

It was the perfect job for a new mom. I would take Konnie with me to work. She would sleep in a portable bassinet at my feet. I guess that explains why she likes County-Western music to this day.

Oh, it was a fun job and I remain thankful for the skills I learned at KWVR. They’ve come in handy, especially when I’m on the other side of the mic, the way I’ll be Friday Noon EST.

I’ll be visiting with one of my all time favorite radio hosts – Steve Brown of KeyLife Network.

Join us if you can. You can find out more about Steve here:

Who would you love to be interviewed by?

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