Thank You, David Paterson!

Thank You, David Paterson! April 16, 2012

I just had the very pleasant experience of an interview with former New York governor David Paterson on his New York-based (WOR) radio show about this column of mine today on women and their choices, occasioned by Hilary Rosen’s comments last week about Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms.
I confess I had no idea what to expect when I said “yes” to the interview earlier in the day, having no idea what he would make of the piece. He was not only respectful but generous. The former Democratic governor was open to a discussion of how abortion has changed our culture to the point where pregnancy would be considered a disease and the government would now mandate preventive-care policies that reflect that point of view, instituting a fine on those who believe otherwise.
Our media discussions so very often don’t touch on the truth of our lives, the substance of our policy discussions, the agenda afoot. I was delighted to encounter something different on the governor’s show today.

Given the abortion rate in New York, openness to such a discussion there is no small thing.

Plus I do love when someone indulges me in my song-title headlining. And he played Whitney Houston to open the segment.

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