21 Years Married: 2 Crucial Reasons

21 Years Married: 2 Crucial Reasons May 22, 2018

This post comes to you courtesy of 1997. Two young, happy seminary students traveled to her hometown to marry in the church where his parents married decades earlier. The church selection, a happy coincidence, nevertheless earned the bride big brownie points with the new in-laws. As you can see from the photo quality, we are old(-ish).

Twenty-one years this week. I still believe I chose well. “Is he kind?” one of my eventual bridesmaids asked me when I was trying to figure out the new guy months earlier. The answer immediately came: “Oh yes.”

How else did I describe him then? Steady, smart, industrious, a thinker, determined, deliberate, dependable, handsome, affectionate.

Sneaky photographer took this without our knowing. We had decided to forgo the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, but we met early for a short, private (we thought) talk before pictures with the wedding party. When this photo appeared in our album, we fell in love with it.
Down the aisle and stopping for a kiss. We tried several for the photographer but this was the closest he got. Ha! Little did we know that back at the altar a fire had broken out due to a candle falling to the carpet. #weddingblooper
With our parents
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