He Is: A Student’s Guide to Knowing God [Author Interview]

He Is: A Student’s Guide to Knowing God [Author Interview] May 23, 2019
As a mother of three teenagers (plus a younger one), I am constantly looking for biblical content they can use in their personal study of God’s Word. It’s challenging to find something with both depth and ease of use. I have found children’s books, but nothing at the teen level.
So when my friend Carrie Rogers began dropping hints about a new study she was writing—for teens—I kept track of her progress. And I’m excited to introduce her, and her new book, He Is: A Student’s Guide to Knowing God,* to you. This study introduces 11 names of God and, with these names, the character traits or qualities of God that help us to know and trust him more. Students will:
  • Learn 30 faith-building truths about who God is and how he works in their lives;
  • Grow confident in their relationship with Jesus and their desire to know him more;
  • Connect the truth of God’s Word to their daily lives;
  • Practice living out their faith in simple, practical ways.

Carrie kindly let me ask her a few questions about the process and purpose of writing this study.

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