My Favorite Fifteen Books of 2019

My Favorite Fifteen Books of 2019 November 27, 2019

As a book reviewer and Christian fiction awards judge, I read many, many books every year. It’s becoming a tradition to share my favorite ones with you all. Of course, some of them will stand out to me. Some of them I recommend to friends. Others, I warn folks away from.  They aren’t all “Christian,” and even some that may be difficult, so don’t take this as a blanket recommendation to read all of them. Use your own judgment. [Books are linked to my affiliate account on Amazon, because why not?]

*NB: During my final proofread of this entire post, I happened to notice a common—unplanned—denominator: women authors. Booyah!

2019 Nonfiction Favorites

*What Is a Girl Worth? by Rachael Denhollander

My number one recommendation this year: In this memoir, the former gymnast who first accused Michigan State athletic doctor Larry Nassar of sexual abuse tells the story of how it all started and the journey that ended with his conviction for sexually abusing multiple girls under his care. Unputdownable (it’s a word. I made it up)

Organic Ministry to Women, by Sue Edwards and yours truly

We updated, expanded, and even changed our minds on a few things in this re-write of our first book, New Doors in Ministry to Women. Ideal for anyone volunteering or working with women in the church.

Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women, by Lucy Peppiatt

This biblical scholar from the UK lays out her arguments on biblical texts pertaining to women and ministry. The work is very readable for anyone, not just students and pastors. Hint: Piper and Grudem won’t like it.

No More Holding Back by Kat Armstrong

Bible teacher Kat Armstrong challenges women to ask, “Why am I allowing limitations on my pursuit of Jesus’s calling?” She debunks five common myths about women, encouraging them to step into their gifting to follow him.

*Outrageous Grace Every Day, by Mary DeMuth

What if a devotional and a commentary on the biblical book of Romans got together and had a baby? Sounds weird, but Mary DeMuth has created an incredible resource that looks just like that. With a release date of December 3, most folks haven’t gotten their hands on it yet. But I have, so trust me—get this book.

Here’s my formal endorsement: Mary DeMuth has done the unlikely, distilling the deep, complex theology of Romans into accessible, personal, and applicable truth. Walking readers through each verse of the book, she celebrates its core message of God’s amazing grace that saves us from death into abundant life. Outrageous Grace Every Day will help you see Romans with fresh, hopeful eyes!

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