Trump Has Been Impeached the Second Time

Trump Has Been Impeached the Second Time January 12, 2021

Things are moving very fast in Congress regarding especially President Donald Trump’s speech at the political rally last Wednesday morning in Washington D.C. and the mob assault on the Capitol which promptly followed it. Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on an article of impeachment that its certain members have crafted. Since Republicans have the majority in the House, the vote is expected to pass and the article will be sent to the Senate. The Senate will then consider holding a trial, which it did do during the 1st impeachment of Trump last year. The article alleges that Trump’s speech that last Wednesday morning represented an “incitement of insurrection,” making Trump culpable of a most serious crime committed against the USA, thus quite the opposite of Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again.

IMO, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has throughout Trump’s presidency been one of his chief enablers in wrongdoing. Today, McConnell has done a complete about-face today and says that he is “pleased” with the article of impeachment and that it “will make it easier to purge him from the party.” And he shockingly added that he “hates” Trump. McConnell thus seems onboard to vote to convict Trump and thus remove him from office. The article also states that Donald Trump will be prevented from ever serving in U.S. political office again.

President Trump’s chief-of-staff, Mark Meadows, said this weekend that President Trump had admitted to him that he, Trump, was “responsible” somewhat for the Capitol assault. But Trump finally spoke out today publicly about it for the first time. In total defiance, he claimed his remarks at the rally last Wednesday were “totally appropriate,” thus negating what Meadows said.

The House also continues to call on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, in which he and a majority of cabinet members would call from President Trump’s removal from office immediately. But ever since last Wednesday, Mike Pence reportedly has said he was not convinced to do that. I said in a recent post that I wasn’t comfortable with asking Pence to do that because it would “put a target on his back.” The rioters had been screaming, “Hang Mike Pence.” That sentiment would increase among such crazies if Pence invoked the 25th.

Rather, I think the House is doing right, under the excellent leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as during the first impeachment of President Trump, last year, in sending over an article of impeachment to the Senate today. And I think, as an alternative to Pence invoking the 25th, the Senate trial should call forth the Vice President to testify about certain facts and communications that took place in recent days and perhaps weeks between Pence and Trump. Then America would be much more informed about what a mobster Trump is in threatening Pence’s life, and thus Americans would become much more convinced that this corrupt president must be impeached.

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