Are Anti-Vaxxer Christians Like What the Bible Says of an Irresponsible Ox Owner

Are Anti-Vaxxer Christians Like What the Bible Says of an Irresponsible Ox Owner July 28, 2021

Anti- and Non-vaxxer Christians in the U.S. generally are a danger to both the physical health of society and its spiritual health because they are a detriment to the gospel of Jesus Christ . See my previous posts: “Non-Vaxxers Are Selfish” and “Anti-and Non-Vaxxers Threaten Reopenings.”

I’m not saying this about people who have serious health issues that could endanger them if they had the shot or MAYBE those few people who have not gotten the shot because the FDA has only provided temporary approval of it. I think that appears to be a serious regulatory problem that should be fixed. In those previous posts, I cite Bible texts, especially sayings of Jesus, showing that most of these Christians (most of whom are Evangelicals or Pentecostal/Charismatics) are in disobedience to the Bible.

I’m now going to cite another biblical text. But first, we need to get some things straight about this deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Our U.S. society has had three very efficient vaccines available for over six months. And they don’t cost us anything to get them because our government has spent so, so much money to get these vaccinations made for us. Our nation has suffered drastically, both health-wise and economically, due to this deadly virus. Yet it is happening all over the world.

Health authorities, and now our presidential administration, have been telling us that if 70-80% of the people would just get fully vaccinated, our population would then achieve what is called “herd immunity” in relation to this coronavirus which would result in hardly any more people contracting it even if they have never gotten the vaccine. And governmental authorities tell us that if that happens, then they can open up our society and no longer have any restrictions due to this pandemic, which restrictions include mask-wearing, social distancing, no travel, and even the no gathering in public places such as restaurants.

Furthermore, if you have been fully vaccinated, you are not a danger to society. That’s because the vaccination has caused your body to have the anti-bodies to COVID-19 so that you will not be able to transmit COVID-19 to other people. But if you have not had the vaccine, and thus do not have the anti-bodies that it creates, you certainly can easily contract COVID-19 and transmit it to to other people.

Moreover, health authorities had been telling us that if our society would achieve herd immunity, that would largely prevent the disease from mutating, which results in other variants of such a disease as this. And that is what has happened, mostly because of the anti-and non-vaxxers preventing our population from achieving herd immunity. A fourth wave of COVID-19 is now spreading throughout the U.S. due to a variant of it called Delta. And this Delta variant is twice as contagious as the original COVID-19. Plus, 80-85% of all new COVID-19 cases are now the Delta variant, so that it is most responsible for this fourth wave.

All of this is to say that anti- and non-vaxxers are a bunch of time bombs walking around in our society, ready to blow up, that is, by contracting COVID-19 or its Delta variant and transmitting it to others. That doesn’t need to be because we’ve got the cure–the vaccine. These people just need to wise up and take it. If they won’t, I think they should have to isolate from society.

This year in China is “the year of the ox.” It occurs every twelve years. The Bible text I referred to above is about an ox owner taking responsibility for what can be a dangerous animal. The Torah says, “When an ox gores a man or a woman to death, the ox shall be stoned, and its flesh shall not be eaten; but the owner of the ox shall not be liable. If the ox has been accustomed to gore in the past, and its owner has been warned but has not restrained it, and it kills a man or a woman, the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death” (Exodus 21.28-29 NRSV).

In my opinion, anti- or non-vaxxers are a danger to society much like the owner of an ox is who knows that his ox has gored people, yet he does nothing to restrain the animal and thereby prevent it from injuring or killing people. What if an anti- or non-vaxxer contracts COVID-19, and he or she transmits it to someone else, and that other person dies from it? If that transmission could be proved, should that anti- or non-vaxxer be treated as the Bible requires that the irresponsible owner of the goring ox should be treated?

This biblical injunction should sober up these–I’m going to say it now without any hesitation–STUPID, STUBBORN, ARROGANT Evangelical and Pentecostal pastors who are preaching against taking these vaccines for COVID-19.

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