“The Failing New York Times”?

“The Failing New York Times”? February 8, 2023

Ever since Donald Trump came on the political scene to become the U.S. president and afterwards, he has lambasted the news media, often calling it “FAKE NEWS.” And he has written it as such with his amateurish total caps habit on Twitter and now on his Truth Social network. Plus, like the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, Trump sometimes said the news media was “the enemy of the people.” And being from New York City, where his business was headquartered, he constantly berated what he called “the failing New York Times.” In fact, his spokesperson on Truth Social just said that a few days ago.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! I’ve posted about it before. Indeed, Trump’s Truth Social is often anything but the truth. On January 6th, 2020, President Trump gave a speech calling for his supporters to walk one mile and overtake the Capitol Building that belongs to “the people” and “fight like hell” to prevent Joe Biden from being president. Trump was lying to them that the election had been fraudulent. In doing that, Trump himself became “the enemy of the people,” thus backfiring on him just like Jesus predicted in his Sermon on Mount (Matthew 7.1-5). And Trump is now under possible criminal investigation by the Justice Department for that call which erupted in a riot on the Capitol.

While Donald Trump was bellowing those lies about The New York Times, the great newspaper (which I think is the best in the world, which I read every day) was raking in the loot. Trump was way behind the eight ball about it. He was thinking of when the Times and all newspapers were desperately losing subscribers of their printed newspapers because of the stiff competition with rising digital and the Internet. They finally realized they had to “join ’em rather than fight ’em.” The result is that many newspapers now make more of their income from digital than from print, including The New York Times.

The New York Times reported today that it added more than a million digital subscribers last year for a total of nearly 10 million subscribers. The company lost 60,000 print subscribers last year, now having a total of 730,000. Meredith Kopit Levien, the CEO, said, “Importantly, with each passing quarter, we saw more proof that there is strong demand for a bundle of our news and lifestyle products.” The Times had $2.3 billion in revenue last year, an 11.3% increase year-to-year which beat its projected revenue. It’s adjusted operating profit for 2022 was $347.9 million. Not too shabby. And the Times has been in the black for several years, making money.

Now, what did the Trump Organization do in revenue and profit last year compared to previous years. Many reports claim it’s in trouble financially. But trouble with both civil and criminal investigations on both a state and federal level is worse for “the failing Donald Trump and his business empire.”

[See Kermit’s book, Bible Predicts Trump Fall.]

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