Former Trump Employee Reveals Trump’s Hatred of Christianity

Former Trump Employee Reveals Trump’s Hatred of Christianity June 23, 2024

Engineer Barbara Res was a vice president of the Trump Organization who worked for the company for eighteen years. She then quit, in 1998, due to Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of her. So, she knew The Donald quite well.

Today, Ms. Res appeared on Ali Velshi’s MSNBC Velshi news TV program. The most newsworthy statement she made in her criticism of Donald Trump was that he once made a joke about Jews being gassed in the Nazi ovens of WWII. After telling this story, she said of her and two Jewish executives of the Trump Organization who were present, “Everybody was shocked. I couldn’t believe he said that. But he was making a joke about the Nazi ovens and killing people, and that’s the way he was.” She meant that such behavior was normative for Donald Trump.

Host Ali Velshi then asked Ms. Res about Trump’s recent association with the Christian right. She said Trump’s “embrace of religion” is “absolute nonsense.” She added that he “used to hate Christmas because he had to go to church one day a year .” She further revealed, “He was an agnostic, maybe he was an atheist. He mocked religious people. He thought they were stupid for believing in things that were obviously, intellectually to him, not true.”

Ms. Res wrote a book about her former boss entitled Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working with Donald Trump Reveals About Him. She said in it, “Bigotry and bias control Donald’s view of the world.”

This is what I claimed constantly in posts on my blog during Trump’s presidency. I further alleged that he was insincere in his association with evangelicals and just using them to get elected. I then made a book of these posts and entitled it Bible Predicts Trump Fall since many of them are comparisons of quotations of Donald Trump with prophetic wisdom literature in the Bible, especially sayings of Jesus.

Here is the post included in my book that tells about Ms. Res’s assessment of Trump, which is somewhat prescient since Trump’s main lie since leaving the Oval Office has been that the 2020 presidential election was a fraud in the counting of ballots and therefore Joe Biden didn’t really win that election:

Will Trump Burn the House Down?

November 12, 2020

Barbara Res was a construction executive for The Trump Organization. She led the building of Trump Tower in Manhattan. Res has written a book published three weeks ago entitled Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years Working with Donald Trump Reveals about Him. She says in this book that Donald Trump will do everything possible to win the presidency, and if not, “he will burn the house down.”

Res said in a recent interview that President Trump will “do anything” to overturn Democrat Joe Biden having won the presidential election last week. Affirming Mary Trump’s observations in her book about her uncle Donald Trump, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ms. Res says Mr. Trump “can’t deal with losing. The notion of being a loser is something that he couldn’t possibly conceive or believe.” Barbara Res also wrote a recent op-ed for The Guardian. She says in it of Mr. Trump after losing the election, “All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance.”

[The next four, large paragraphs are omitted since they speculate what Trump might do.]

If Trump does this, it may be what Barbara Res says—“he will burn the house down.” In the meantime, why are there lame Republican Congressmen who are remaining silent? No more Barry Goldwaters.

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