The Origin of COVID-19 Is Still Unresolved

The Origin of COVID-19 Is Still Unresolved June 14, 2024

The New York Times revisits the origin of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that so disrupted life with today’s article, “Two Covid Theories,” by David Leonhardt. It begins with these two paragraphs, “The origin of the Covid virus remains the pandemic’s biggest mystery. Did the virus jump to human beings from animals being sold at a food market in Wuhan, China? Or did the virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan?

“U.S. officials remain divided. The F.B.I. and the Department of Energy each concluded that a lab leak was the more likely cause. The National Intelligence Council and some other agencies believe that animal-to-human transmission is more likely. The C.I.A. has not taken a position. The question remains important partly because it can inform the strategies to reduce the chances of another horrific pandemic.”

So, over four years after COVID-19 began, the world still does not know for sure how it started. What is knows for sure is that this pandemic was caused by zoonosis–the transmission of a coronavirus from an animal to a human. Usually, when this has happened in history the animal has been a wild animal. Health authorities therefore know for certain that people need to consider their interrelation with wild animals, especially by destroying their habitat, and change their ways to reduce the risk of zoonosis.

I wrote a book about this exactly four years ago entitled Moses Predicted COVID-19 (118 pp.) This provocative title means that Moses’ food laws in the Bible, which are the basis for Jews eating kosher, may be related to coronavirus pandemics and epidemics in history that have brought much devastation, destruction, and death. How so? I explain in the book (p. 28), “The Bible, amazingly tells about Moses giving food laws to the Israelites [Leviticus 11; Deuteronomy 14] wherein he declared all of the aforementioned animals ‘unclean’ and forbade eating them, with the exception perhaps of ducks or geese. Yet none of these epidemics or pandemics were caused by viruses transmitted to humans by means of animals Moses declared ‘clean,’ such as ox (cattle), cow, sheep, goat, deer, and others, all of which chew the cud and divide the hoof. The primary reason for this distinction seems to be that unclean animals carry more germs that are harmful than clean animals do.”

I show in the book that there seems to be an eerie correlation between the world’s nine leading coronavirus pandemics that have occurred since the Spanish Flu of WWI and those animals which Moses deems “unclean,” such as bats that are believed to have been the cause of four of these nine leading pandemics caused by zoonosis. So, I further state in my book (p. 16), “The world needs to make some drastic changes in the future that will help prevent such worldwide tragedies caused by close contact between humans and wild animals. I believe such changes could be better informed by learning what the Bible says of the relationship between humans and animals.”

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