From skepticism to grace

From skepticism to grace December 6, 2013

Earlier this year I shared a post from my friend and filmmaker Daneen Akers.  I am so grateful for the powerful, faithful work she and her husband have been doing through their film Seventh Gay Adventists.  Recently they made the film free for download (just over the Thanksgiving holiday) and it had over 3,000 free downloads in a very short time! People have watched it all over the world–Canada, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Ukraine, Ireland, the U.K., Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Denmark, Norway, and in lots of places in the U.S. where we didn’t have screenings–Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Alaska, and on and on in addition to the Adventist hot spots like Walla Walla and Loma Linda.  I heard from Daneen today and she shared some good news with me.  I just thought I should let y’all know 🙂

Here is what she shared.

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for your help spreading the word about the five days of free screenings–we had 3,173 downloads over those five days. And I know many people were showing the film to family members, so the number of people actually watching is a good bit higher. I was super thrilled about that.  Thanks so very much.  Some of my favorite feedback came from people like this pastor….who was obviously skeptical and likely would not have paid to watch it.”

Thank you so much for making this documentary available to watch. My wife and I watched it last night, skeptical at first, but with an open mind, and we were both blown away by the courage of the couples that braved ridicule and condemnation from many who simply do not understand their plight.

I especially felt privileged to be able to share in their struggles and to witness a small part of what it means to be apart from this community of faith we all so dearly love and cherish. It brought tears to my eyes and my heart went out to these precious souls.

I have members of my own family who are gay and they are struggling with their faith much like those in the documentary and this has helped me to be able to encourage and accept them and to reassure them of their place, not only with God but in also our church…

Thanks to this documentary, I understand more about the love of God.

I believe that this great church has a long way to go in terms of the homosexual statement and looking at a theology of sexuality because I now question what I once believed and believe the church needs more vigorous discussion, if that already isn’t happening.

Thank you once again for this privilege.



Grace abounds!

If you would like to see this film for yourself it is now available for download or DVD/Blu-ray purchase.

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