A response to 40 questions for Christians now waving rainbow flags

A response to 40 questions for Christians now waving rainbow flags July 3, 2015

An open letter to Kevin DeYoung of the Gospel Coalition
Hi Kevin,

You likely don’t know me but I wanted to respond to your carefully thought-out blog post “40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags” over at the Gospel Coalition.

I really appreciate the time you put into thinking through some challenging questions to which a few folks have already offered cogent, faithful responses.

I like this one by R.L. Stoller.

And this one by Buzz Dixon is real cool, too.

[update] – Ben Irwin has a right nice response worth adding.

[update 7/3 10 am] Dwight Welch faithfully offers us this wonderful response.

[update 7/3 8:41 pm] My favorite response by far is by Alise at Knitting Soul.

Since I am no longer in the game of arguing point-by-point the merits of loving our neighbors, I have just a few responses of my own that I hope you will receive in the fullness of love and light in which they are being offered.

First, I want to thank you deeply for the invitation to Christian allies who are witnessing to the truth of God’s unqualified love from which (as your main man Paul says) NOTHING on earth or in heaven can separate us. Your questions help many people see the deep theological discernment thousands of Christians have engaged, both on their own and in community. Scripture, tradition, reason and experience have been great guides to many faithful folks who are now waving rainbow flags in celebration of the legal right for same-sex American citizens to marry.

Second, it is essential that I point out a false premise on which your 40 questions are built. You direct your questions only to open and affirming heterosexual Christians as if there are no LGBT Christians.  There are in fact scores and scores of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians so to ignore that fact leaves a huge piece of this mysterious puzzle hidden. I am both a lesbian and a Christian so right from the start it seems that you and I are nearly lost to one another. But where there is love and grace, there is hope.

I would be honored to buy you a cup of coffee or a beer, sit down and talk as long as you like and even hug your neck if you’d be so inclined. You might be surprised by the Inbreaking if you would but dip your toes in the holy waters of relationship with real, live, practicing queer Christians.

Your sister in Christ,

PS – Send me a PM on Facebook if you’d like to get together.



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