What happens when two women walk into a South Texas courthouse to get a marriage license ?

What happens when two women walk into a South Texas courthouse to get a marriage license ? July 8, 2015

About three days after the love imbued, justice bent, paradigm shifting decision of the Supreme Court of the United States welcoming same-sex couples into the covenant of marriage, I finally found my grown-up words amidst the heavenly chorus of joy and the clamoring cacophony of vitriol.

In that post and in subsequent Facebook conversations I extended an invitation. What I wanted and still want is to carry with and for you the searing pain lashing otherwise beaming hearts as fundamentalists of political and religious persuasions lose their damn minds because some of their neighbors now have the civil right to marry who they love.

A lot of people accepted my invitation and allowed me to stand in the bloody, pulpy wound with them. And I do not understand, hell I barely have the right words for it, but the pain gushing out of blog comments, email messages, Facebook interactions and phone calls washed over me as a baptism of grace, not grief.

At some point I noticed that I was inhabiting each conversation with what I hoped was but a chalice of self to hear and hold whatever story needed to be told. A few days in I received a private message on Facebook from someone I really didn’t know. With her permission I am sharing that post here with you now.*  I was so scared for her as she began…

















































Today my heart smiled to see a post of hers on Facebook that celebrated the joy of not only that day but the love she has received since from her family – including her church family.

Thanks be to God.



* Though she said I could use her name however I wanted, I felt compelled to blur her name to protect her and her family. I thought it would be only fair if I blurred my last name too 🙂




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