Mindless Monday Question: Arnold Schwarzenegger Edition

Mindless Monday Question: Arnold Schwarzenegger Edition March 23, 2015

Running_Man_Theatrical_PosterI consider myself more of a movie snob than a connoisseur, but I do sometimes knowingly watch an awful movie just for the hell of it.

Netflix is streaming The Running Man, the 1987 dystopian action movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura before they became famous governors, and I couldn’t resist. It was as entertainingly bad as I remembered. Terrible puns, silly theatrics, major explosions for no discernible reason–classic stuff.

Bad as it was, The Running Man was kinda sorta but not really a precursor to The Hunger Games, albeit with less satirical bite and no Jennifer Lawrence. The best thing about the movie is its main musical theme. If I’m not mistaken, composer Nobuo Uematsu took the melody, slowed it down some, and used it for the Shinra corporation in the video game Final Fantasy VII.

But enough rambling from me. What are your favorite entertainingly awful movies?

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