My Healthy Living Challenge to Start 2013

My Healthy Living Challenge to Start 2013 January 2, 2013

I thought I would share/divulge some personal information here on the blog so that my readers can send prayers and help me stay accountable – in an effort to get healthy in 2013, I’m kickstarting my year with the Whole9 “Whole30” challenge. Obviously this is not the “Patheos Diet Channel”, but for me there is such a strong connection between my spiritual life and the physical body God has given me that not to make the connection between healthy living and prayer would be to declare defeat before I’ve even started.

One of my major inspirations is my dear brother Mike, who has undergone a major lifestyle change in the last year and is blog/coaching me at – if you feel like you need a kick in the pants to get yourself going, feel free to join me on this quest. For me, it’s more about feeling healthy than a number on a scale (although I’m not opposed to that) – I want to feel my best when I turn 50 later this year! So send prayers, but no sugar, alcohol or flour… And drop me a note in the comments if you’re doing something similar so that I can pray for you.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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