What Keeps Me Hanging On?

What Keeps Me Hanging On? May 7, 2015

Image credit: Pixabay
Image credit: Pixabay

Last night, I slept in my bed, next to my husband, for the first time since April 3rd.

I’m often on the road, so Greg functions quite effectively around here without me. But this past month of travel has been unusual in that it wasn’t for work or fun. Some work was done and a lot of fun was had along the way, but those weren’t the main purposes.

And now I’m home, staring at piles and piles of mail. Three book deadlines staring me in the face. Bills to be paid. House stuff to be taken care of… and I can’t decide what to do first.

Today is Thursday’s normal “Small Success” feature over at CatholicMom.com. After sharing a compelling post, contributor Barb asked the question, “What keeps you hanging on?”

I’m asking myself that today.

What keeps me hanging on?

I’ve had a few random answers:


…my family (both my nuclear family and our extended family)

…my work

…my friends

…my faith

As crazy, chaotic and uncontrollable as life may sometimes feel, I have this deeper confidence that comes with being a person of faith. My faith in God doesn’t lead me into some false illusion that believing equates to simple answers to complex problems.

But faith gives me the “grip” I need to keep “hanging on”, even when I feel like I’m dangling by a thread. Faith reminds me that I’m here to serve the world around me. Faith assures me that God has instilled within us all that we need to see the challenges in our paths and to meet them head on. It may get ugly (as it often does).

But we are never alone.

And because we love–because we have faith–we hang on. And we do what needs to be done, confident in the one who gives us the strength to bear the load.

So this is me, hanging on…

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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