A Letter (to Me) for #NDMom Celebration

A Letter (to Me) for #NDMom Celebration May 5, 2015

Lisa Hendey with son Eric and Greg and with son Adam at the University of Notre Dame.

One of the best gifts my parents gave me was my education, and particularly the opportunity to study at the University of Notre Dame. Those years prepared me for so many things, including my vocation as a wife and mother. This week, I’m honored to share a letter that I was invited to write as a part of Notre Dame’s beautiful Mother’s Day Celebration.

Eleven Notre Dame mothers were invited to write letters to ourselves on the topic of motherhood. I hope that you’ll give yourself a little retreat today and spend some time with them. I have to say that this exercise was a stretch for me, but also a great joy. My heart belongs to Our Lady, to my own mother, to my sisters (who are both amazing moms) and to my precious husband and sons. My letter–to me–gave me a chance to share in a small way some of what being a mom has meant to me and taught me.

On campus, Notre Dame students have been paying tribute in lovely ways to their own moms. For a tender peek, you can enjoy this video:

This week, as we prepare to celebrate Moms and motherhood on Sunday, and during Mary’s month of May, why not write yourself a letter like this? I hope you’ll enjoy that experience as much as I have.

I’d like to offer profuse thanks to the University of Notre Dame, my alma mater, and to her Alumni Association for recognizing the precious gift of motherhood.

Copyright 2015 Lisa M. Hendey

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