#PopeMoving: Pontifical Mission Societies Offer a Practical Giving Opportunity

#PopeMoving: Pontifical Mission Societies Offer a Practical Giving Opportunity March 21, 2013

The world watched and celebrated this week as Pope Francis was installed as our new Holy Father. To mark this momentous occasion and to help the faithful commemorate Pope Francis’ Pontificate, the Pontifical Mission Societies have launched the “Pope Moving” campaign:

  • Our Holy Father has indicated that he wants us to celebrate his inauguration as Pope by performing acts of charity for the poor and those in need. As a concrete act of solidarity, we invite you to see the world as the Pope does – through the eyes of those struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.
  • Modeling the Pope’s love for the “least among us” and moving forward on our call to love neighbor, we seek your support. Each donation will be converted into funds to support transportation costs for poor and low-income communities in the United States and around the world. Those costs will include bus passes, train tickets, bicycles or a gallon of gas for those in need of a little help to “keep moving.”
  • Each dollar donated will be used by the Pontifical Mission Societies or Catholic Relief Services to help someone get where they need to be – for work, a job interview, a medical appointment, a ride to school.

The beauty of #PopeMoving and this opportunity to give is its relevance to this special moment in our Church’s history. #PopeMoving is viral and social, but also relatable to a simple everyday life struggle — the need for transportation. It also directly relates to a tweet Pope Francis sent the day of his Inaugural Mass:

“True power is service. The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the weak, the vulnerable.” @Pontifex Twitter 3/19/13

For those who want to give to a charity online in honor of this moment in our Church’s history, you’ll want to remember the following important safety precautions when giving online:

  • Know the charity you’re supporting and choose trusted charities such as the Pontifical Mission Societies
  • Use only encrypted websites (look for “https” in the URL of the website in your browser)
  • Check the charity’s privacy policy
  • Do not respond to spam solicitations by email
  • Use a secure wifi connection when giving

It’s not too late to make a family commitment to celebrate the start of Pope Francis’ pontificate and to engage in Lenten almsgiving by making a charitable donation in the name of our new Holy Father. Check out https://www.propfaith.net/popemoving to be a part of #PopeMoving and tell a friend today!

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