Recommended Royal Reading: The Catholic Baby Name Book – Win Your Copy!

Recommended Royal Reading: The Catholic Baby Name Book – Win Your Copy! July 22, 2013
The Catholic Baby Name Book

I was in “college orientation zone” for the past three days — believe it or not, without wifi (fodder for another post!) — so I have been pretty out of sync with news. But a quick look at Twitter here at the airport let me know that the highly anticipated royal baby has indeed been born.

My mind immediately went to this article I’d recently seen on the naming of that baby. I’ve also heard that traditionally, a royal baby’s name may be delayed in being announced for up to several days.

This gives me plenty of time to rush my favorite baby name book to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William. The Catholic Baby Name Book by my friend Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur is obviously the perfect baby-moon gift! Yes, the baby isn’t Catholic, but this wonderful book has multiple names that would be worthy of a future king, including some held by past kings who were saints!

Here’s a description of Patrice’s book:

With more than ten thousand names of saints and biblical figures, this first-ever guide to Catholic baby names helps expectant parents find a beautiful and creative name for their child. Each entry includes the meaning of the name, language of origin, variations in form, a capsule biography, and relevant feast days and patron saint information. While it has become increasingly popular to name a baby after a town or a food, readers will discover here a bounty of names that are fun, creative, and Catholic. This new book in the Book series boasts thousands of names of saints from Christian tradition and the scriptures, including those newly canonized by popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Among the fun facts to be discovered: there are ten ways to spell Regina, the perennially popular name Jayden means “thankful” and “God has heard,” and Sophia–the most popular girl’s name in 2012–was a saint who had three daughters named Faith, Hope, and Charity (who were also saints!).

Let’s have some fun with this topic… what is your prediction for the baby’s name? What would you name the baby if you had naming rights? Tell me in the comments below by 8 am Pacific time on Friday, July 26 what you think the baby’s name will be or what you think it should be. One commenter will be randomly selected to win a copy of Patrice’s awesome book. Even if you’re not expecting, this book makes a great gift and a fascinating read.

Update: Our randomly selected winner is Marla. Thanks to all who participated!

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  • MeanLizzie

    James Henry Charles Philip George.

  • Marguerite

    I love to see Baby Name book with true meanings and origins. We are getting away from so many traditions, especially what does the baby name mean.

  • Nan

    Philip Edward George Arthur.

    I disagree that it’s the first book of Catholic baby names; I believe the Liturgical Calendar is.

  • CandisesCrew

    Although Catholics are suggested to name their babies after the Saint of the Day when they are born, the royals don’t have much to work with given that they had a boy and today is the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.

    Still I predict “David Charles Michael”…. I like David, then there are the grandfathers to consider!

    Candise & Crew

  • Karen Hanrahan

    William Charles Edward………maybe add in a Phillip, too!

  • Stuart

    I’d bet they are going to give him the first name Philip after his grandfather…We shall see though!

  • Karen T.

    George Philip William James

  • Marla Meyers

    I try to avoid getting to wrapped up in the royal hype, so I haven’t really been paying attention that much. I don’t have any good guesses to what it will be named, but my husband and I are expecting our first in November and this seems like a wonderful resource to help us put determine some good names! Would love to have saintly/biblical names chosen (we are waiting until the end to see if we have a boy or girl! 🙂 )

    • lisahendey

      Marla, you are our randomly selected winner — please email me at so that I can have your prize send to you.

  • Becky

    I *am* expecting, and we can’t decide on a name, so pick me, pick me! 😉

    I like the name Henry for the royal baby, but my money’s on George.

  • Lindsey

    This is probably not traditional enough, but I like Michael.

  • Jocelyn

    The royal name has already been announced, but can I still enter? We need name ideas 🙂

  • Carol S.

    They named the baby George, but I think they should have gone for something a little more fun – Perhaps John, Steven, Jack would be cute.

  • Anne Borghetti

    I really wish the royal baby name had involved the name Spencer in honor of Diana. Or some name from her family.

  • ELM

    I would love this book! We are expecting … My dad, I am sure, is thrilled that the royal baby and he share their first name… Now, maybe the pressure is off of me to come up with a george-like name for a boy or a girl!!!