My Baby, Rocking Twice as Hard

My Baby, Rocking Twice as Hard August 27, 2013

Just because I’m a proud mom, and because I think this is pretty cool, I’m sharing my Adam’s latest music video:

Video Link

Adam is a passionate fan of traditional Irish and Scottish music. He’s actually pretty passionate about music in general. My house is constantly filled with the stuff – whether he’s jamming on his drum set, strumming a banjo or ukelele, or learning a new tune on a low whistle. I think when he goes off to college in about a month, the most challenging issue I will face is dealing with the silence he’ll leave in his wake.

One of things I admire most about Adam is the joy he derives from his music, but also his dogged pursuit of perfection when he plays. It’s not unusual for him to play a segment of something over and over, until he nails it perfectly. His attention to detail reminds me to be more diligent in my own efforts — for the joy but also to give greater glory to the Creator who’s instilled such gifts within me.

I hope you can take a few moments today, enjoy Adam’s passion for his tunes, share them with a friend, and ponder the gifts God has gloriously bestowed within YOU!

A question for you: What would you call some of your life’s greatest passions?

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