American Papist Thomas Peters Offers Blog Update – Keep Praying!

American Papist Thomas Peters Offers Blog Update – Keep Praying! November 1, 2013

Thomas Peters

If you’ve been following the ongoing health progress of Thom Peters, the blogging voice behind American Papist, you already have seen sure signs of miracles in the making. So today I’m happy to share the good news that Thom has a new blog post online detailing his accident and recovery to date. The entire thing is quite eloquent, but one portion of it sings to the heavens for me:

The accident has taught me more about the incredible gift of marriage. My father, during his speech at my wedding reception, said the sacrament of marriage gives us the grace to do the impossible. I have met people during these months who think it is incredible, even impossible, that my wife and I survived a trauma like this having been married only three months. I tell them it helps to marry the right woman and get married the right way, the way the Church taught the two of us what marriage is and why it should be honored. People have told us that they are inspired and receive hope from the witness of our marriage – it inspires us too, I respond! We feel it is possible to face anything, even a future of me paralyzed, so long as we cling to each other, to God, and to our marriage vows. 

Read the full blog post here.

Please continue with your prayers for Thom and Natalie Peters. You can learn more about how to support them at

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