Integrity: Is It Even Possible in Today’s World?

Integrity: Is It Even Possible in Today’s World? December 9, 2013

I’m writing today about Integrity and would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

What are some of the challenges you face in your world that perhaps keep you from living a life full of integrity? How does today’s society challenge us in this virtue? What’s a success story of a time you or a loved one acted with integrity?

Thanks in advance for helping me to brainstorm around this important topic!

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  • CandisesCrew

    Are we keeping our word?
    Are we honest no matter what?
    Integrity is almost a foreign concept in modern times. To me, more and more people do not think integrity is important–especially with the smallest things: not driving over the speed limit, paying your credit cards on time, cheating on taxes, cheating on coupons, cheating on homework, cutting corners at your job or with the time clock, and turning your home or car back over to the bank instead of fulfilling your financial obligations.
    For Catholics = do we tithe 10% of our time and of our treasure (or do we let other people do the work at the parish and school and we give 5% because that’s “good enough”), do we keep our obligation on holy days, do we give God the chance to prove we are living by the “Catholic” label?
    Candise & Crew