St. Paul’s Choir School Inks Record Deal

St. Paul’s Choir School Inks Record Deal May 20, 2014

I was thrilled this week to receive the following press release announcing the great news that the talented voices of St. Paul’s Choir School will be recording a project soon so that the entire world will be able to pray with and enjoy their angelic voices! LMH

Renowned boys of St. Paul’s Choir School ink international recording deal with AimHigher Recordings

Angelic voices poised for breakout success with debut Christmas-themed album

ATLANTA, May 19, 2014 – As part of their initiative for The New Evangelization to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the school, the boys of St. Paul’s Choir School of St. Paul’s, Harvard Square have signed a recording deal with AimHigher Recordings. The highly anticipated first recording will be a Christmas album, slated to be released on October 7, 2014. The choir school is closely tied to St. Paul’s parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and both are closely overseen by Fr. Michael Drea, who additionally oversees the Harvard Catholic Center, and has inspired many with his inclusion of the choir school within the parish.

Drea’s vision for the choir school is described as follows: Since 1963, Saint Paul’s Choir School has formed and educated boys in grades four through eight in the rich music tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. The Choir School seeks to embrace the great cathedral school tradition as it unites a rigorous musical and academic curriculum with our Catholic faith and moral tradition preparing each student to grow and flourish in a dynamic and changing world.

In 2010, in order to further the mission of the boys’ choir program, Fr. Drea recruited John Robinson, who hails from the U.K. Prior to this appointment, Robinson worked in a number of English Choir School appointments, including Canterbury Cathedral and St. John’s College Cambridge. Synergistically, Robinson serves as both the Director of Music at St. Paul’s Church Harvard Square and at St. Paul’s Choir School. Together, both pastor and music director have been referred to as the “dream team” of Harvard Square, energizing an intersection of truth and beauty into the community in Cambridge and Boston proper.

The Christmas album repertoire will be a collection of classic Christmas songs that have both traditional and contemporary arrangements, including some original arrangements by Robinson. The album was recorded May 7-9, 2014, at the church of St. Paul’s, where a state of the art mobile recording studio was built.

Check out Religion and Ethics Newsweekly’s recent feature story on the boys of St. Paul’s Choir School here. The boys of St. Paul’s Choir School garnered headlines last year, when they sang in front of Pope Francis in Vatican City.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity,” said Robinson. “Recording for AimHigher Recordings with the boys from St. Paul’s Choir School was unforgettable, and I’m so looking forward to being able to share the singing of this unique choir of boys and men. The chance to sing beautiful Christmas Church music for a wider audience is something we are passionate about. We could not be happier working with Monica and Kevin Fitzgibbons at this time, and are so thankful for all their help.”

“I am so grateful for this recording opportunity that has been extended to St. Paul’s Choir School,” said Drea. “Having celebrated our 50th anniversary of founding in the midst of the great renaissance that is taking place at our school, this recording allows us to collaborate in the great endeavor that is the New Evangelization. Sacred choral music, especially that which is centered on the Incarnation of our Lord, can serve to inspire countless people to rediscover, embrace anew or even encounter for the first time the gift of the Son of God made man. Having this opportunity to record our Christmas album will provide countless blessings for the future of our Choir and School.”

“To say it is an honor to be able to record and release the angelic and exquisite music of the world-renowned St. Paul’s Boys Choir School is an understatement,” said Monica Fitzgibbons, co-founder of AimHigher Entertainment. “Having attended Boston University, I frequented boys’ choir concerts at St. Paul. To now be able to record them in their 50th anniversary year, documenting singing at such a high level under the direction of Mr. John Robinson and the leadership of Fr. Drea, can only be described as a providential privilege for my husband Kevin and me.”

About St. Paul’s Choir School:

Saint Paul’s Choir School at Saint Paul Church, Cambridge, strives to engage young men in the development of their intellectual and musical talents. The school seeks to develop the diverse musical talents of each boy so that he may use his musical gifts for the greater glory of God, enriching the liturgical services at Saint Paul Church and serving the community at large by the performance of master works of choral literature.

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