Off the Grid

Off the Grid February 9, 2009

I want to give everyone a fair warning that I might not be posting until next Tuesday. Over the next nine days I’m going to be speaking in three different States, and have a pretty packed schedule in each city. Here are some of the highlights to come:

Sunday Feb. 8th I will be speaking at both services at Lawndale Community Church in Chicago, and then host a 50 minute workshop as well.

Monday Feb. 9th I fly to San Diego to speak at the National Pastors Convention (NPC) until Friday. Some of the special times planned in San Diego include:

-Getting to hang out with my friends at Youth Specialties, who are based in San Diego
-Get to speak to the pastoral staff at Harbor Church
-Have meetings with three different publishing houses to try and figure out where my next book might be published at
-I have already scheduled times to get to go to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or hang out with Scot McKnight, Brian McLaren, Gabe Lyons, Dave Kinnaman, Anne Jackson and Cathleen Falsani at different times throughout the week
-Have two interviews—one with Leadership through Christianity Today and the other with Rev! Magazine

And then on Friday after my last workshop at NPC I’m flying to Pittsburgh to speak at Jubilee Conference to a bunch of college students Saturday and Sunday!!!

Please pray for me this next week as I speak the Lord’s words as I continue to try to bridge the gap.

Much love.

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  • Jimmy

    Come speak in Greensboro! Never mind that I have no money to offer you for travel, honorarium, lodging, but I can buy you dinner.

  • Jeff S.

    Praying for you all the way, Andy!