I Just Changed My Twitter Name to @Andrew_Marin

I Just Changed My Twitter Name to @Andrew_Marin June 20, 2010

On the right sidebar on my blog you will notice a link that says: Follow Me. It’s for Twitter. Well, that link doesn’t work anymore because I just changed my twitter name from @LovesMeSomeYou to @Andrew_Marin. The link will be fixed next week.

How did this change come about? For many weeks now some of my social media savvy friends have been telling me, that although @LovesMeSomeYou is cute and all, it’s not helping others to find me on Twitter or know/care about who @LovesMeSomeYou is because they have no idea it is me. You can access my new account here.

Ok, ok, I get it. I finally changed it! So from here on out I am officially @Andrew_Marin on twitter.

Hit me up to keep up to date on all of my happenings and thoughts pontificated throughout the day as they occur.


Much love.


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