April 26: My One Sentence Bible

April 26: My One Sentence Bible April 26, 2013


Sorry for the absence of My One Sentence Bible series! Here it begins, again…

What is My One Sentence Bible?

People always want to make secondary issues primary. To Jesus, ‘love’ is always primary. Stop confusing ‘love’ for what you think is more important, because it’s not. [John 13:31-38]

Jesus is a flesh representation of God. Thus, you know God’s primary concern is ‘love’ because of Jesus. [John 14:1-7]

What you believe you are certain of. And what you are certain of you will act upon accordingly. [John 14:8-21]

Much love.

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2 responses to “April 26: My One Sentence Bible”

  1. But that begs the question, “What is love?” Is it merely affection? Is it admiration of someone’s good qualities? Or is it something more?

    One good definition of love which I’ve heard goes like this: “To seek the good of the other, for the sake of the other.” That is to say, to desire what is best for another person without any self-interested motive.

    And what is good for another person? The highest good is that person’s union with God. So encouraging a person in something which moves them further away from God would not truly be love – even if it involves affection and admiration.

    So what moves us toward God and away from God? Well, sir… that’s why the Bible is more than one sentence long.