[Updated] Trying to Fix “Share This” Plugin

[Updated] Trying to Fix “Share This” Plugin June 20, 2013

Not that most of you care, but I thought I’d let you know that since June 12th there has been a problem with the “Share This” plugin on a number of blogs all over Patheos. So if you have shared a post from my blog, or a lot of others on Patheos, and you noticed it was not actually shared or counted on the ticker on each post, I have now alerted you to the problem. If you feel so inclined, you can try again.

I am so, so sorry for this inconvience. The great behind-the-scenes people at Patheos are working to fix this right now. I will update this post when it’s all fixed.

Much love.

 ***Just got confirmation that the problem is now fixed–June 28th.

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