Such a Bridge Is Possible

Such a Bridge Is Possible April 6, 2015

Our Last Option by Andrew Marin“When trapped in a power-based system where the dominant entity dictates cultural normalcy, anything outside the traditional realm of what is commonly understood as acceptable is automatically viewed by those in charge as sketchy and unreliable. It is almost as if it is their job as “protectors of the way things are” to undermine any new work and cut off any potential uprising against their beloved system of selected power and chosen systemic oppression. Many of these gatekeepers are quick to blame, accuse, and lie about the bridge builders because they do not want to believe such a bridge is possible. If it is possible, the implications are endless—the greatest being that successful bridge builders hold society accountable to a more difficult standard of viewing and engaging one’s  other.”

–Andrew Marin, Our Last Option, Chapter 4


If you’re free tonight, remember we meet at 7pm for our Living in the Tension gathering, and you’re welcome to meet us for dinner beforehand.  All the details are here.

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