Completed List of Anti-Abortion Arguments

Completed List of Anti-Abortion Arguments September 29, 2012

I was raised anti-abortion, but became pro-choice as a young adult. Based on this transformation, I decided it would be interesting to collect together all of the arguments against abortion that I could find and post them for discussion. Therefore, with the help of my commenters, I have put together the following list. You can also find this list on the page I’ve created and listed under my projects tab.

(Feel free to comment on the way I categorized the arguments or arguments I missed, but I’ve put some work into boiling this down into specific points and I’d rather not redo the whole thing.)

I’m going to post each of these arguments individually in the coming weeks and open the floor for discussion and refutation. After a week I will close the comments sections on each post, and will choose the comments I consider clearest and most interesting and add them to the end of the OP (with full credit, of course).

1. A zygote/embryo/fetus is a person

2. Abortion is murder

3. Abortion is cruel

4. Shouldn’t we err on the safe side?

5. No abortion after fetal viability

6. The Bible condemns abortion

7. Abortion is bad for women’s physical and mental health

8. The abortion industry preys on women

9. Women are coerced into having abortions 

10. Abortion makes it harder for women to say “no” to sex

11. Abortion devalues women and motherhood

12. Dead fetuses are put in various medical and consumer products

13. Shouldn’t the father get a choice?

14. Abortion allows people to avoid responsibility

15. People will use abortion as birth control

16. Lots of childless couples would love to adopt

17. Abortion is sexist

18. Abortion is racist

19. Abortion is ableist

20. Abortion leads to the commodification of humanity

21. Elective abortion ends society’s responsibility for children

22. Abortion provides the illusion of choice

23. The consciousness and dependency slippery slope

24. A future like ours

25. Shouldn’t we be hesitant about ending any form of life?

26. Why does this matter?

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