CTBHHM: Sodomite Predator

CTBHHM: Sodomite Predator August 1, 2014

Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 266

Now that we’ve finished with Michael’s lengthy exposition, we’re back to Debi.

Practical Examples

You may still be confused as to when you are to obey and when not. We will list some of the questions and issues we receive in the mail and discuss them one by one.

In this post, we’ll look at her first example.

Sodomite Predator

(E-mail that was answered immediately)

Dear Pearls,

Something terrible is happening, and we do not have any friends for me to turn to. I have to have HELP NOW! PLEASE read this letter and answer TODAY. A week or so ago, my son turned 13 years old. About that same time, my husband started wanting him to go out with him in the evenings to build man-to man relationships. I was glad. After the first time out, my son (from a previous relationship before my marriage to Dan) privately begged me not to make him go. My husband gets really mad if I or the children speak against him, but he is nice if we do what he says. He likes to brag on our obedience. I told my son he needs to obey Dan. Today my son told me that Dan takes him to interstate rest stops, where homosexuals hang out to “do” each other and watch for other boys using the bathrooms. My son said my husband makes him participate with him and other men. He knew too much to be lying, and besides, he was crying and begging and threatening to run away if I didn’t do something. I am scared. I have strongly suspected Dan was doing porn for a long time, but tried to mind my own business. Now this terrible thing is happening. I am praying, PLEASE, dear God, I am begging, make them write me back today. I told my son to play sick tonight until I knew what to do.

Jean, the mother of 7

See that part I made bold there? That is a warning sign. Remember what I’ve said about abusers getting off on this whole wifely submission thing? I mean, it’s a perfect setup! You better believe Dan thanked his lucky stars daily for his wife’s devotion to the Pearls’ literature. He had his own little kingdom where he reigned supreme—and he bragged about it! But with Debi, the things that should be warning signs are often held up as normal and good. After all, Michael himself does plenty of bragging about not only his children’s obedience, but also Debi’s.

I’ve often mused here about whether the letters Debi prints are all actual letters or whether she has created some of them herself to illustrate her points, and as is often the case I’m unsure which this is. Her conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia confuses the issue. Are there interstate rest stops where gay men have sex and rape boys? I know that historically, gay men have sometimes used public restrooms as meeting places for sex, because they had nowhere else and the stigma was so high. But gay men and pedophiles are not the same thing, and using public restrooms to meet up and have sex is very different from using them as convenient spots to rape boys. Of course, this letter is written by a woman who presumably has been taught that conflation regularly by her pastor, so she may be the one making the conflation. What she’s describing may be a pedophile ring, and since it involves a male child she inserts homosexuality.

But regardless of whether this letter is an actual letter, and despite its conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia, what we have here is a fairly open-and-shut case of a man sexually abusing (and exploiting) one of his children. I am reminded of a case I read where a father raped his three young adopted sons and pimped them out online to other pedophiles. Created To Be His Help Meet came out in 2004, and this letter (if it was real) was presumably written before that, so perhaps this is the same kind of thing, albeit using a physical place to pimp out his son rather than recruiting clients online.

How does Debi respond?

Here was a clear example of a father and husband overstepping the bounds of his jurisdiction. Neither the wife nor the son were under obligation to obey him in this matter. We told her to call the law, so that they could set up a time to catch the sodomites at the rest stop, including her husband. She did. Her husband is in the slammer for a number of years, and the kids are growing up without a pervert for a daddy. Sometimes, it is a grave sin NOT to stand against your husband.

This is actually the correct advice. Again, provided the letter is an actual letter, it sounds to me like what is described is a pedophile ring—and one that got busted thanks to Jean calling the cops rather than choosing not to believe her son. Debi could have advised Jean to take the matter to her church, in hopes that church discipline could correct the problem, but she did not. I can only hope that Jean does not force her son to regularly visit Dan in prison, as Debi has advised previously.

But this is why, again, I was so surprised when Debi came out defending Bill Gothard, who sexually harassed the teenage girls in his employ for decades. I suspect that it is as my readers suggested—Debi only takes the hard line if it involves prepubescent children or, it seems, adolescent boys. Teenage girls, presumably, were “asking for it” with their “slutty” ways.

Debi finishes with this blurb:

AIDS is now a factor that must be considered, both for your own health and the health of your children.

I’m really not sure what the point of this blurb is. I mean, I’m assuming she would have told Jean to call the cops even if there were no such thing as AIDS. (I’m reminded me of the time Debi talked about child molesters leaving children permanently damaged both emotionally and, in some cases, physically, given over to sexually transmitted diseases.)

Next week we move on to crossdressing.

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