Saturday Link Love: Josh Harris, Bill O’Reilly, and Richard Nixon

Saturday Link Love: Josh Harris, Bill O’Reilly, and Richard Nixon July 30, 2016

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

Note: Inclusion does not suggest full agreement. 

‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ told me to stay pure until marriage. I still have a stain on my heart, on the Washington Post—“As a young home-schooled evangelical, Harris was a paragon of all the Christian virtues — an autodidact, motivated and pure.”

How Abigail Adams Proves Bill O’Reilly Wrong About Slavery, on The Atlantic—“Moreover, Mrs. Adams took note of their condition—and her observation stands at odds with O’Reilly’s.”

Bathroom Bills Hurt People with Disabilities, on Feministing—“A memo from Disability Rights NC, the state-wide disability protection and advocacy organization, argues that not only does HB2 harm those people with disabilities who are transgender, it narrows disabled people’s and caretakers’ ability to navigate public space.”

Trump, Inspired by Nixon? in the New Yorker—“Trump said, ‘I think what Nixon understood is that when the world is falling apart, people want a strong leader whose highest priority is protecting America first.'”

The Clit List: A porn resource website with sexual assault survivors in mind, on Feministing—“But rather than an actual porn website itself, The Clit List acts as a pre-screening resource for survivors interested in exploring porn again.”

‘Why don’t they want us to vote?’ Ex-felons cope with losing voting rights twice in Virginia, on Washington Post—“McAuliffe has framed his decision as a civil rights achievement, saying he is removing the last vestiges of Jim Crow-era laws that disenfranchised African American voters. Nearly a quarter of the state’s black population cannot vote because of felony convictions.”

Grounded Pregnancy: It’s Okay Not to Be Beautiful, on Grounded Parents—“I was taking a break from throwing up and arguing with people on the internet when I saw it – an image of a woman standing by her hospital bed eating a meal, wearing only a pair of post partum mesh panties and a ginormous pad (which brilliantly appears to be a folded lap pad).”

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