Saturday Link Love: ABA, Dr. Fraud, and Trump Supporters

Saturday Link Love: ABA, Dr. Fraud, and Trump Supporters April 8, 2017

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

I Abused Children for a Living, Diary of a Birdmad Girl—“I was hired off the street with no background in child development, no knowledge of autism or ABA, and no experience working with children, let alone autistic children.”

“Paging Dr. Fraud”: The Fake Publishers That Are Ruining Science, on The New Yorker—“In the fall of 2015, a young scholar named Anna Olga Szust began sending her C.V. and a cover letter to scores of scientific journals, with the hope of being named an editor.”

Business Insider To Minimum Wage-Slaves: Have You Tried *Not* Being Poor?? An Info-Graphic! on Wonkette—“Next, find a unicorn and ask it to lead you to the plentiful housing that’s not in slum condition for under $600 a month.”

Every story I have read about Trump supporters in the past week, on Washington Post—“Mark Hooglats lives inside Obamacare, don’t ask him how. He voted for Trump. He will vote for Trump again, maybe up to 10 times if he does the thing with the economy.”

Why Is Trump Ignoring These Good Heartland Jobs? on Mother Jones—“Luckily, the Hemphills had another source of income. Around the same time Hemphill retired, he connected with a company called Lost Lakes Wind Farm.”

Jeannette Rankin was sworn in 100 years ago as the first congresswoman, on Vox—“In 1916, Rankin ran for Congress and won on a platform of “equal suffrage, prohibition, and child welfare.” Her appearance in Washington, DC, to take her seat the following April caused an immense stir.”

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