Saturday Link Love: Harvard, Debt, and Politics

Saturday Link Love: Harvard, Debt, and Politics October 27, 2018

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

I support affirmative action. But Harvard really is hurting Asian Americans, on Vox—“Harvard admissions used racist stereotypes to describe Asian Americans.”

Driven Into Debt: How Tickets Burden the Poor, on ProPublica—“For the working poor, and particularly for African Americans, paying for tickets can be difficult — opening the door to more fines and fees, and spiraling debt.”

People Are Changing Their Views On Race And Gender Issues To Match Their Party, on FiveThirtyEight—“A study by Peter Enns at Cornell University found that Trump and Clinton voters changed their views on controversies like the Black Lives Matter movement to match their candidate’s views, rather than choosing their candidate based on their views about this issue.”

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