Saturday Link Love: Candidates, Stabbings, and Polarization

Saturday Link Love: Candidates, Stabbings, and Polarization February 8, 2020

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier!

You’ll Never Know Which Candidate Is Electable, on 538—“In lifting up electability as a marker of fitness, we’ve inadvertently created a system that caters to whatever our imagined lowest common denominator might be.”

Micah Fletcher takes stand in MAX stabbing trial: ‘I simply did what I should do’, on the Oregonian—“Christian has largely blamed Fletcher for the stabbings, arguing he acted in self-defense after Fletcher and the other two men to differing degrees challenged him because he was exercising his right to free speech.” Note: this story is bizarre, and I may end up writing about it at some point, but from where I’m standing you don’t stab people for interrupting what you see as your freedom of speech—which in this case was actually harassment. 

Asimov’s Empire, Asimov’s Wall, on Public Books—“Asimov has always meant a lot to me, and the best qualities of his work—his rationality, curiosity, and imagination—changed thousands of lives for the better. Yet the visible edifice of his hundreds of books needs to be balanced against the unseen wall that he built around the heart of science fiction.”

After Flint Water Crisis, Number Of Students With Special Education Needs Spikes, on WBUR—“The city’s rate of special education students has grown steadily since the water crisis began –– 28% of students are in special education programs, while the national average is about 13%.”

Harvard historian Jill Lepore on what “Why We’re Polarized” gets wrong, on Vox—“We discuss whether all political science research on polarization might be completely wrong, whether Fox News is a ‘villain’ in the polarization story, and whether I am morally obliged to delete my Twitter account.”

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