Psst. YouTube. Your bias is showing. Movie trailer for film on homosexuality banned, yet anti-Christian videos remain.

Psst. YouTube. Your bias is showing. Movie trailer for film on homosexuality banned, yet anti-Christian videos remain. July 6, 2015



I try hard on this blog to post things that are uplifting and encouraging. But this time, I just have to call it like it is.

YouTube, your bias is showing.

The video sharing forum recently banned the trailer for “Audacity,” a film that challenges the belief that homosexuality is unchangeable.

The reason YouTube gave to the film’s Executive Producer, Ray ComfortYouTube explained in a message: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

Funny that YouTube claims the trailer contains deceptive comment, since the movie is based on unscripted testimonial of homosexual persons.

Comfort has been accused of trying to vilify homosexuals, but he refutes those claims.  In an interview with World Net Daily, Comfort said, “I would say not to make that judgment until they see the movie. I think that even the LGBT community is going to be surprised, because it’s not what they’re expecting. They are going to see that we didn’t want to stereotype or vilify homosexuals.”

I’m happy to see efforts to close the chasm between those who favor homosexuality and those who don’t. But my real concern here, is what YouTube has done – is doing – to silence the voices of Christians while at the same time allowing anti-Christian voices to continue on their website.

Here’s a link to one example. Please note, she uses foul language:

Anti-Christian Atheists

Hateful? You bet.

Now compare that to Comfort’s trailer for “Audacity.”

The trailer contains no foul language, no hate speech. No “deceptive content,” as YouTube claims.

Go figure.

YouTube seems set in its discriminatory agenda, but there is something that you can do despite. You can write to YouTube corporate and request that the trailer be restored. Here are two email addresses that you can use: or

If Christian-haters can freely post their videos on YouTube, Christians should be allowed to freely post their videos, especially if the videos are non-inflammatory. The trailer for “Audacity” is one example.



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