Discovering Advent


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Discovering Advent: How to Experience the Power of Waiting on God at Christmastime

by Mark D. Roberts

Copyright: 2011
 Patheos Press


Mark D. Roberts, the widely read writer and scholar in residence at Laity Lodge, describes how he discovered the power of waiting on God while waiting in an endless checkout line during the busy Christmas season. In a moment, Roberts went from frustration to elation, and so began his journey into Advent.

Advent is the observance of the Christmas season as the Christians of yesteryear knew it–and as many millions of Christians know it today. But modern evangelicals have mostly left Advent behind, and in so doing, have lost some of the power and majesty of the season where we celebrate the coming of God to live among us. In this ebook, Roberts gives us the gift of Advent again by sharing his story, explaining the practices of the season, and offering us a guide to use as we observe Advent in our churches and homes.


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