Irvine Presbyterian Church: Some Sanctuary Photos

Here are some photos of the sanctuary of Irvine Presbyterian Church, where I served as Senior Pastor for 16 years, from 1991 to 2007. I was involved in the design and building of this sanctuary from 1992 to 1996, along with a fantastic team of lay leaders and the outstanding architectural firm of Dominy and Associates (now Domusstudio).

The sanctuary from Alton Blvd.
Entrance to the sanctuary patio
The patio at sunset. Photo from Domusstudio.
The ceiling of the sanctuary. Photo from Domusstudio.
The chancel (main platform) cross. The communion table was used for worship in the fellowship hall for years before the sanctuary was built.
Easter Sunday worship service
One of our children's choirs singing in Advent Lessons and Carols. You can get an idea of what the art glass on the window is like, though it's hard to see because of the backlight.
Palm Sunday worship with the children equipped with palm branches (which can double as weapons in the hands of first grade boys).
Evening service of Lessons and Carols during Advent
One of the windows inspired by Revelation 4:7
Image of Jesus in the prayer alcove