Jerks for Jesus

Jerks for Jesus May 23, 2012

Latest edition: Some wahoo pastor wants a concentration camp for gays. Apparently, he’s a kinder, gentler sort. No ovens or gas chambers. Just airlift them food, put an electric fence around them, and let them die off from old age and (obviously) without issue.

Charming. Perhaps he and Sungenis can collaborate on some sort of pastoral treatise discussing this paragraph from the Catechism:

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

The good news: this wahoo pastor is not exactly leading a national movement. Neither, thank God, is the extremely marginal Sungenis.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    The fruits of heresy …

  • Beccolina

    Someone who totally missed where Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself,” and “love your enemies; pray for them.” ‘Cause we can lock them up WITH LOVE by golly. We can add this guy to the prayer list, too.

  • MarylandBill

    Guys like Worley are very dangerous for Christianity and traditional values. Every time someone like him gets up and starts spouting his hate, those who want to push secularism point to it as justification for their positions. No one wants to pay attention to the nuanced position of the Church.

  • Chris M

    This guy and his ilk are useful idiots for the radical secularists.

  • Rosemarie


    Horrible. Just horrible. These are human beings he’s talking about. I hate it when some Christians say that kind of thing; they are more moved by their personal issues with homosexuality than by charity toward ones neighbor:

    >>>“God have mercy, it makes me puking sick,” Worley said during the sermon. “Could you imagine kissing some man?”

    And that’s a reason for internment camps? Please.

  • Ted Seeber

    It has always amazed me that the further Protestants get from the orthodoxy of Mother Church, the smaller their congregations become.

    I think the extreme is the House Church movement, where people are so fed up with actually being told what to believe that they go off and form a church that consists of a single married couple and their underage children.

    • And did you know that now that the family came to their senses and started their own church, they are the *only * ones who will be saved?

      With all the fundamentalist churches out there insisting that their little enclaves of 10-15 people are the only right ones in the world, when they’ve only existed for the past six months, and everyone else is damned… I am surprised more people don’t go “hang on a minute, maybe we need someone to help us interpret this” and find the Church.

      But that would require overcoming ingrained prejudices. Easier to believe we’re the ones worshipping the devil.

      • Um – that’s actually what happened to me. (And thank God it did!)


        • Same here! It did take me a while to overcome my pre-existing stereotypes about Catholics – which didn’t involve devil worship but did involve the whole “they don’t think for themselves” idea. Once I was humbled enough to realize my own arrogance (ah, the joys of being 20 and in college) and how it was holding me back, I became Catholic.

          My father is a sort-of Evangelical. I am trying to wake him up to the inconsistencies, and he’s starting to get what I’m talking about, but it’s hard. I’m praying hard for him (and for the rest of my family, which has embraced secularism.)

  • Max

    The “good new” is that the pastor isn’t inciting a national movement? Now seriously, did ANYONE think he would?
    We’re called to love, not to patronize, our afflicted brethren.

    • S. Murphy

      Well, no; but both those things (Sungenis’ idiocy and Worley’s) echo a national movement that happened about 80 years ago, in a country that should’ve been saner than that, but momentarily, wasn’t. So, no, no one thinks Worley or Sungenis is in danger of inciting a national movement of that sort, in the US right now. Rhetorical flourish, with a hisorical allusion, y’see?

  • Can we instead put this fence around DC? Or maybe just the Capitol and WH?

    • ivan_the_mad

      What did the fence ever do to you to deserve such a fate???