Fairy Tales vs. Hard-Headed Realism

Fairy Tales vs. Hard-Headed Realism January 25, 2013

So here’s what I’ve learned from some comboxers this week.

1. Any proposal to attempt to create arms that can be security-keyed only to the authorized user(s) is “science fiction” and “fairy tales”. All such proposals should be slapped down in the vigorous tradition of the Can’t Do American Spirit of Hopeless Passivity Before Mild Technological Challenges that have made it impossible to send a man to the Moon or put passwords on cell phones. The watchword from these comboxers is “Give up. Don’t try. Won’t work. You are an idiot.”

2. Secession from the Union is totally realistic and practical. It will not result in massive bloodshed or civil war because American gun culture (the epicenter of secessionism) is identical to Sweden. Those who have been urging preparation for it in the panic since Sandy Hook–by appealing to the Second Amendment as our guarantor of the right to wage war on the tyranny of HITLERSTALINMAOBAMA when he comes for our guns, tries to march us into concentration camps, and imposes Islamonazicommieatheistsharia law–have a clear-headed and prudent grasp of the political reality on the ground in the US at present, as well as a sober grasp of Just War teaching, and a completely pacific intent that is in no way envisioning armed insurrection. If secession *does* turn into a shooting war secessionists will be able to console themselves in their dying moments that it was the Feds who fired the first shots. Because there is totally no chance that fomenting talk of “second amendment solutions” against the Feds would inspire somebody to detonate a bomb outside a Federal building in Oklahoma or fly a plane into a building in an act of terrorism.

No. Not *that* act of terrorism done by damn foreigners who hate America and freedom. This act of terrorism, done by a red-blooded patriot who loved America and freedom so much he was willing to attack his country and kill his countrymen to show it.

So: Reasonable tech fixes that leave guns in the hands of responsible people and make them useless to bad guys? Give up. Don’t try. Won’t work. Abandon hope. Can’t do. Unrealistic. Fairy tale.

Secession? Smart! Can do! Totally realistic and not crazy or anything! And guaranteed to be peaceful and successful! Because Sweden!

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