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Prolife Linky Love January 22, 2014

Here’s a proposed resolution to stop funding abortion.

Here’s David Alexander bringing you the fifth year of on-the-spot coverage of the equally annual “premiere conference for the online prolife community” hosted once again by the Family Research Council in Washington DC.

And, since human life is sacred even when it is guilty human life, here is Leah Libresco’s look at the horrendous and vile human sacrifice in Ohio, in which we tortured a man to death for 20 minutes and called this barbarism “justice”–followed, of course, by the requisite excuse-making from “prolife” Megyn Kelly and similar representatives of the alleged “prolife”.  Tom Kreitzberg has the number of such people.  They aren’t “prolife”.  They are, as a rule, anti-abortion, so long as the baby doesn’t endanger a Republican’s chance of election.  And they are enthusiastically in favor of defeating such enlightened nations as North Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia in butchering capital criminals.  It’s not about justice.  It’s about vengeance (hence the excuse-making for the vile human sacrifice in Ohio with “well how about how the victim’s of this bastard suffered!”).  Nor is it about deterrence since the weirdness of the death penalty is that we keep the whole thing safely out of sight, as we keep abortion and other state-sanctioned acts of violence out of sight.

Meanwhile, the Church is calling for the abolition of the death penalty because it is consistent.  All life is sacred, including guilty human life.  If it weren’t, we’d all deserve death since we are all guilty of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of which, the Pope (who, you know, is supposed to be a total traitor to the prolife movement according to the Pure chosen by God to defend the Church from him) tweets his support for the March for Life.  Cuz he’s, you know, the pope and the Defenders Against the Heretic Pope are deluded narcissists, not to mention malicious slanderers.

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