As I thought, Fr. Robert Barron has some typically intelligent commentary on Noah

As I thought, Fr. Robert Barron has some typically intelligent commentary on Noah April 1, 2014

You can read it here.  Between his and SDG’s work, I’m really looking forward to it.

Also, the hysteria about it is cracking me up.  There’s the freaking out about “environmentalism” (well, yeah, the theme of sin damaging creation is a big part of the creation narrative).  There’s the panic about “veganism” (well, yeah, the Genesis account *does* specifically say that the eating of meat is not lawful till after the Flood).  There are shrieks that it’s a veiled Earth First tract because humans are made to look bad and animals innocent (in other words, just like the narrative of Genesis, in which humans are *so* wicked that they bring on a disaster that obliterates the world).  There’s the hysteria that God is called the Creator and not the Germanic “God”.  I particularly enjoyed  that a creationist named Ham hated it.  Ham. Get it?  Pretty funny for us Bible geeks.

And there are various other red meat culture war shibboleth kneejerk reactions that are stone blind to the text of Scripture but alive to Talk Radio culture war histrionics, all culminating in the vast and damning declaration from various quarters that *anybody* who appreciates the film can *only* be a sellout, a liar, a dupe, or a whore!  Wow! Makes me think that when the dust settles, people like Fr. Barron and SDG are going to come off looking pretty good and the hysterics are going to look hysterical.

Love, hate, or feel indifferent about the movie as you like.  But really: is it necessary to declare that somebody with a different take on it is either a moron or else (far more likely) a morally compromised and vicious person?  Cuz I think that’s a damn tough sell when speaking of people like Fr. Barron, Tom McDonald or Steven Greydanus.

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