October 29, 2018

Here’s a bit from the NY Times about it: The American sitcom, since its inception, has struggled with a fundamental tension at its core. Let’s call it “jester vs. guru.” We expect half-hour comedies to pull off an impossible double duty: to both inject jokes into the national bloodstream and to enlighten us with high-minded moral instruction. We want not only zany catchphrases but wise life lessons. The history of the form has been a constant tug of war between… Read more

October 27, 2018

Fans of Doctor Who will recognize a young Peter Capaldi. It’s a charming film. If you’ve not seen it, do check it out. Read more

October 26, 2018

Part 2 of my four part series over at The Catholic Weekly.  Here’s a taste: Last time, in this space, I talked about the idea of docility to the Church’s teaching, dogmatic or not.  The basic point was simply that we should do as the Church calls us do even when the Church does not bind us under pain of heresy or schism (which is to say, virtually always). Of course, the obvious reply to this is, “Even when the… Read more

October 25, 2018

…and she has written a fine piece for a survivors of sexual assault.  Here’s just a taste.  Read the rest here: I’ve spent the last decade working in the field of mental health, focusing the last few years in particular on helping people heal after sexual assault. I’ve spent 6 years of study to learn how to do what I do and a crap ton (there’s my mountain roots coming out) of continuing education hours learning an even deeper understanding… Read more

October 24, 2018

I will be speaking on Behold Your Mother at 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 25 at the Kells – downtown: 112 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204 and sponsored by St. Michael the Archangel parish! Come and learn about the Church’s teaching on how Mary–Mother of God, Perpetual Virgin, Immaculately Conceived, and Assumed into Heaven–shows us not merely the truth of who God is, but the truth of who we are. This is my favorite talk to give.  I look forward… Read more

October 24, 2018

Reader (and soon to be author) Stephanie Thomas writes: I live my faith by working with women and girls who beg on street corners with cardboard signs. I lead a team of women who go out onto the streets to pray and minister to the people who are begging there. I’ve spent 8 years working with women who beg on the streets of Greensboro and with people in the homeless community. I also recently finished writing a book (not yet… Read more

October 23, 2018

up until Ayn Rand agreed that, whatever else may be the case, feeding the poor was a good thing.  It took the genius of the Freak Show Right and and its Court Prophet Christianist predators like Paul Ryan to elevate this wretched enemy of God and her philosophy of Selfishness to a virtue: That this 4th rate writer and 10th rate philosopher and enemy of God is now the leading intellectual light of Cult 45 is but another proof that… Read more

October 22, 2018

…and our hearts are restless till they rest in you. – St. Augustine A brilliant animator is asking the question to which Christ remains the answer: The tragedy for the foreseeable future is that, in the West, Christianism is the loud and temporarily dominant gospel of antichrist which is 100% oriented toward turning people away from Jesus Christ in its whoredom to a false gospel of Mammon, Mars, Venus and Narcissus. It is a feeder belt designed to deliver souls… Read more

October 20, 2018

Here’s the first in a little series I’ve written for The Catholic Weekly about how to navigate the Church’s moral teaching in a time when many have lost confidence in the Magisterium. Here’s a taste.  Stay tuned.  There are three more in the series: Here’s a little passage from Lumen Gentium you don’t hear much about these days: Bishops, teaching in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be respected by all as witnesses to divine and Catholic truth. In matters of… Read more

October 19, 2018

This is a basic article of the faith.  He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love, says St. John. Conversely, Christianism, which is a diabolical parody of the gospel centered around the worship of Donald Trump is bound together by cruelty: The Trump era is such a whirlwind of cruelty that it can be hard to keep track. This week alone, the news broke that the Trump administration was seeking to ethnically cleanse more than 193,000 American children of… Read more

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